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   Characteristics and Regulating Roles of Wheat TaHsfA2-13 in Abiotic Stresses 2022/07/04 Browse
   High-quality genome assembly and pan-genome studies facilitate genetic discovery in mungbean and its improvement 2022/06/28 Browse
   Identification of Candidate Genes and Genomic Selection for Seed Protein in Soybean Breeding Pipeline 2022/06/17 Browse
   Efect of environmental factors on skin pigmentation and taste in three apple cultivars 2020/07/09 Browse
   Variation Patterns of the Volatiles during Germination of the Foxtail Millet (Setaria Italic): The Relationship between the Volatiles and Fatty Acids in Model Experiments 2020/07/07 Browse
   The bHLH transcription factor PPLS1 regulates the color of pulvinus and leaf sheath in foxtail millet (Setaria italica) 2020/07/07 Browse
   Genome-wide analysis of the NAC transcription factor family in broomcorn millet (Panicum miliaceum L.) and expression analysis under drought stress 2020/07/07 Browse
   Effects of different cultivars and particle sizes of non-degermed millet flour fractions on the physical and texture properties of Chinese steamed bread 2020/07/07 Browse
   Diversity analysis of starch physicochemical properties in 95 proso millet (Panicum miliaceum L.) accessions 2020/07/07 Browse
   TaHsfA2-1, a new gene for thermotolerance in wheat seedlings: Characterization and functional roles 2020/07/01 Browse
   Soil replacement combined with subsoiling improves cotton yields 2020/07/01 Browse
   Genome-wide identifcation, transcriptome analysis and alternative splicing events of Hsf family genes in maize 2020/07/01 Browse
   Functional characterization of maize heat shock transcription factor gene ZmHsf01 in thermotolerance 2020/07/01 Browse
   Effects of ethylene and 1-methylcyclopropene treatments on physiological changes and ripening-related gene expression of ‘Mopan’ persimmon fruit during storage 2020/07/01 Browse
   Comparative Study of Ripening Related Gene Expression and Postharvest Physiological Changes between Astringent and Nonastringent Persimmon Cultivars 2020/07/01 Browse