— Communication —

   Dr. Paul Harvey from Australia comes to visit Plant Protection Institute for academic exchange 2019/05/17
   A Seminar on Molecular Mechanisms of High Yield and High Quality of Wheat was held in the Institute of Cereal and Oil Crops 2019/04/28
   Japanese Nagano County Agricultural Experts Visit the Institute of Coastal Agriculture, Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences 2018/11/12
   Professors from Japan Shinshu University had academic exchange to HAAFS 2018/09/30
   Vice President Wang Haibo attended the 14th International Association for Plant Biotechnology Congress 2018/09/11
   HAAFS Strengthen Agricultural Exchange with Kazakhstan 2018/09/05
   Agricultural business delegation of South Africa visits HAAFS 2018/07/12
   Professor Cynthia Lenz Googman, a USDA expert,was invited to Plant Protection institute for academic communication 2018/06/08
   Director of Plant Protection Institute Ping Ma attended the first International Congress of Biological Control 2018/05/29
   Professor Francisco Fuentes from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile visited the Institute of Millet Crops 2018/05/29
   Experts from International Rice Research Institute and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Institute of Genome visited to Institute of Coastal Agriculture 2018/05/02
   Dr. Chai Jianfang of Institute of Genetics and Physiology made oral report on the 13th International Glutenin Workshop 2018/04/20
   HAAFS Promotes Collaboration with African Countries 2018/01/02
   Delegation Headed by Gao Yongmei from Chengde Agriculture Institute Visited HAAFS 2017/03/20
   Delegation of Vegetable Research and Seed Processing from DPRK visited HAAFS 2016/05/12