— Communication —

   International Seminar on Sorghum Germplasm Resources Innovation and Utilization 2022/12/19
   Academic exchange seminar on efficient utilization of saline alkali land and salt tolerant plant resources 2022/09/26
   Hebei·China - Kuala Lumpur·Malaysia Online Exchange Meeting on Science and Technology Cooperation 2022/07/01
   A technical seminar on preventing and reducing damage of disaster and improving fruit quality of peach was held in Shijiazhuang 2021/12/24
   Academic communication with USA 2021/11/02
   Vice president Sun Shigang attended the MARDI International Day 2021/06/03
   Scientists attended Sino-German technical exchance meeting 2021/04/25
   Dr. Li Hui from Institute of Cereal and Oil Crops was invited to attend China-Pakistan Seed Industry Cooperation and Exchange Forum 2021/03/23
   Prof. Wang Haibo And His Delegation Conduct Scientific Exchange in Italy and Belgium 2019/12/25
   Delegation from Malaysia Agriculture Research and Development Institute visited HAAFS 2019/11/29
   President Zhang Tielong Meets With Experts From Shinshu University 2019/11/13
   Dr. Paul Harvey of Australia Visits the Institute of Plant Protection 2019/11/08
   Japanese Rice Expert Prof. Yuji Matsue Visits the Institute of Coastal Agriculture 2019/10/23
   HAAFS opened its 3rd English Proficiency Training Course 2019/10/11
   Experts from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Japanese Zhaotai Electrical Industrial Co. Ltd visits Dryland Farming Institute 2019/09/29
   Deputy President of Chengde Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences Ren Zizhong visits the Institute of Plant Protection of HAAFS 2019/09/20
   A delegation of HAAFS visits the Slovak Institute of Plant Production 2019/09/11
   A delegation of the Dryland Farming Institute visited the Oklahoma State University in the United States 2019/09/02
   The delegation of the International Training Workshop on Grain Legume Molecular Breeding and Cultivation Technique visited the Institute of Cereal and Oil Crops 2019/08/30
   Participants from Cuba Taking Part in the Seminar on the Design, Management and Analysis of Agricultural Projects and the Role of South-South Cooperation in Promoting Agricultural Development visit the Institute of Coastal Agriculture 2019/08/19