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   Distinguished professor BANNO KIYOSHI won the "Yanzhao Friendship Award" of Hebei Province in 2022 2023/02/10
   Investigation of new strawberry varieties in greenhouse 2023/01/17
   A new late maturing apple variety 'Jiping 5' 2023/01/09
   Latest research progress in genetic effect of key candidate genes for milk production traits of dairy cows 2022/12/30
   International Seminar on Sorghum Germplasm Resources Innovation and Utilization 2022/12/19
   Online academic conference held by the Institute of Agricultural Resources and Environment 2022/11/04
   Vice president ZHANG Jianjun went to Chengde to guide apple production in cold regions 2022/11/01
   Research group of the Institute of Cereals and Oil Crops carried out the exhibition and field test on new sweet potato varieties in Lulong County 2022/10/18
   Production mesurement meeting of crop rotation system research project held at Ningjin demonstration base 2022/10/15
   Yield estimate of high starch content corn variety Jiyu 757 2022/10/11
   HAAFS created rice field painting of "A land of fish and rice, a paradise of hundred birds" 2022/10/09
   Biocontrol technology guidance provided by experts of Institute of Plant Protection 2022/09/29
   Academic exchange seminar on efficient utilization of saline alkali land and salt tolerant plant resources 2022/09/26
   Peanut and soybean varieties released by the Institute of Cereal and Oil Crops were listed as leading varieties by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China 2022/09/19
   Experts of Institute of Cotton provided technical services in Weichang and Longhua County 2022/09/19
   The Science and Technology Week at Institute of Millet Crops 2022/09/19
   Mid-term investigation on cereals and beans 2022/08/25
   Field test of the project “Integration and demonstration of water-saving and efficiency technologies for suburban protected vegetables” 2022/08/24
   On site observation of early maturing apple varieties in Institute of Shijiazhuang Fruit Research of HAAFS 2022/08/23
   Trial operation and technical publicity activities of water and fertilizer intelligent control equipment for corn topdressing management 2022/08/04