— News —

   Academician Wang Hanzhong makes Inspection and Provides Guidance for the Scientific Work in the Institute of Dryland Farming 2020/01/15
   Technical Protocol for Whole Process of Tomato Green Production in Protected Field Has Passed Professional Evaluation 2020/01/10
   The Minor Crop Project of National key Technologies R&D Program organized kick-off meeting in Shijiazhuang 2020/01/09
   Prof. Ma Ping and Prof. Yang Chunyan are on the list of Hebei’s fourth batch of high-end talent supporting program 2020/01/08
   Zhang Jianjun attends the 2019 Hengshui forum on scientific agriculture and brand agriculture and meeting on agriculture investment promotion 2020/01/07
   HAAFS 3rd English Training Course Comes To The Conclusion 2020/01/06
   HAAFS Hold Training For New Recruits of 2017-2019 2019/12/30
   Institute of Cereal and Oil Crops established the research achievement transformation base in Zhuolu county 2019/12/27
   Vice President Zhang Jianjun Attends and Makes Presentation on the 19th Academic Annual Meeting of Fruit Research and Production 2019/12/23
   Vice President Zhang Jianjun Attends the Summery Meeting on S&T Cooperation with Handan City and Hengshui City 2019/12/13
   President Zhang Tielong Visits Romania Promoting Agricultural Research Cooperation 2019/12/12
   Conference Announcement 2019/12/10
   Delegation from Malaysia Agriculture Research and Development Institute visited HAAFS 2019/11/29
   Vice President Zhang Qiang Conducts Work Investigation in the Institute of Agricultural Information and Economics 2019/11/22
   President Zhang Tielong Meets With Experts From the Netherlands 2019/11/13