— News —

   The Third Technology and Experience Exchange Meeting on Green Solutions to Crop Succession Obstacle was held in Shijiazhuang 2021/07/21
   President ZHANG Tielong supervised agricultural machinery research corporation 2021/07/19
   Vice president Sun Shigang attended the MARDI International Day 2021/06/03
   Invention: Pyrazololysis Microemulsion for Seed Treatment and the Application 2021/05/31
   Watermelon cultivation technology promotion in Hengshui 2021/05/24
   Investigation to Dahe experimental station of HAAFS 2021/05/14
   Scientists attended Sino-German technical exchance meeting 2021/04/25
   Science and technology assistance project----China-Ethiopia joint research and demonstration of drought-resistant maize cultivation 2021/04/12
   Green manure team from Institute of Agricultural Resources and Environment went to Jinshahe base to give scientific and technological services 2021/04/09
   Hebei pear whole process green production regulation 2021/04/06
   Hebei strawberry whole process green production regulation 2021/04/02
   Agricultural technologies empower seedling industry 2021/03/29
   Dr. Li Hui from Institute of Cereal and Oil Crops was invited to attend China-Pakistan Seed Industry Cooperation and Exchange Forum 2021/03/23
   The 2020 Summary Meeting on Research Achievement Transformation and Science and Technology Service Held in Shijiazhuang 2020/12/29
   Vice President Sun Shigang Investigates the Strawberry Demonstration Base in Zhangguzhuang Village of Xinji City 2020/12/28