— Update —

   Prof. Wang Haibo And His Delegation Conduct Scientific Exchange in Italy and Belgium 2019/12/25
   President Zhang Tielong Visits Romania Promoting Agricultural Research Cooperation 2019/12/12
   President Zhang Tielong Meets With Experts From the Netherlands 2019/11/13
   President Zhang Tielong Meets With Experts From Shinshu University 2019/11/13
   Dr. Paul Harvey of Australia Visits the Institute of Plant Protection 2019/11/08
   Japanese Rice Expert Prof. Yuji Matsue Visits the Institute of Coastal Agriculture 2019/10/23
   Experts from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Japanese Zhaotai Electrical Industrial Co. Ltd visits Dryland Farming Institute 2019/09/29
   A delegation of HAAFS visits the Slovak Institute of Plant Production 2019/09/11
   The Institute of Shijiazhuang Fruit Tree and Shinshu University of Japan conduct academic exchanges in the field of molecular marking technology 2019/09/09
   A delegation of the Dryland Farming Institute visited the Oklahoma State University in the United States 2019/09/02
   Institute of Cereal and Oil Crops signs S&T cooperation implementation agreement with Daming County of Handan City 2019/08/29
   Participants from Cuba Taking Part in the Seminar on the Design, Management and Analysis of Agricultural Projects and the Role of South-South Cooperation in Promoting Agricultural Development visit the Institute of Coastal Agriculture 2019/08/19
   The Delegation from the Academy of Agricultural Sciences of DPRK visited the Institute of Cereal and Oil Crops (ICOC) 2019/07/25
   Professor Pan Feifei from the University of North Texas visits the Cotton Institute and investigates the impact of climate change on cotton production 2019/07/15
   Professor Zhang Jinfa of New Mexico State University is invited to the Institute of Cotton for academic exchange 2019/07/09