— Training —

   The Institute of Dryland Farming Organizes Joint Technical Training 2020/07/30
   The Technical Training on the Identification and Control of Soybean Diseases and Pests Is Held in Gaocheng District of Shijiazhuang 2020/07/23
   The Online Technical Training of the Institute of Changli Fruit Tree Attracted More than 40 Thousand People 2020/07/16
   Experts of Institute of Shijiazhuang Fruit Tree Conduct Technical Training in Neiqiu County on Summer Management of Apple Orchards 2020/07/13
   Institute of Dryland Farming Sends Experts to Jingxian County for the Training on Summer Management of Peach Orchard 2020/07/07
   Experts of the Institute of Shijiazhuang Fruit Tree Visits Cangzhou Zhongjie Industrial Zone 2020/06/28
   Researcher Li Jiancheng and other experts went to Cangzhou pear cultivation bases to investigate the occurrence of pear disease and pest 2020/06/19
   Experts from Institute of Coastal Agriculture developed technical services 2020/06/19
   Experts of Cotton Provide timely Training for Growers and Township Technicians 2020/05/21
   Experts From Institute of Changli Fruit Tree Conduct Training on Greenhouse Grape Production in Hengshui City 2020/04/29
   HAAFS 3rd English Training Course Comes To The Conclusion 2020/01/06
   Training on integrated control of agricultural non-point pollution is held in Qingyuan pilot demonstration area 2019/12/26
   Institute of Changli Fruit Tree Organized Technical Training and Observation Tour on High Quality and High Yield Apple Production 2019/10/28
   Expert of the Institute of Shijiazhuang Fruit Tree Carried out Technical Training on Strawberry Cultivation Technology in Xingtang County 2019/10/24
   Experts from Dryland Farming Institute Provide Technical Training for Taocheng District of Hengshui City 2019/10/24