— Training —

   Experts from Dryland Farming Institute provide on-spot guidance for oilseed rape growers 2019/03/21
   Institute of Millet provides training in Wuan on simple and high efficient management technology of Jigu series and development of millet industry 2019/03/04
   Institute of Dryland Farming organizes technical training in its targeted poverty alleviation village 2019/01/22
   Experts from HAAFS held training session of Green Safety Modern Agriculture in Xiongan New Area 2018/05/24
   Volunteers from Institute of Shijiazhuang Fruit Tree developed apricot safety production training 2018/05/10
   Training Session on quality vegetables production was organized 2018/04/03
   Training session of wheat spring management 2018/03/14
   Institute of Resource and Environment carried out fertilizer and chemical reducing training 2018/03/09
   Experts from Institute of Plant Protection provide technical training for Zhaoxian County on pests and weeds control of winter wheat 2018/02/02
   Expert from Institute of Changli Fruit Trees carries out technical training in chestnut core production area 2018/01/18
   Dryland Farming Institute held demonstration and training meeting on wheat water saving technology 2017/05/28
   Experts From the Institute of Plant Protection offer Technical Service on Diseases and Insects Control at Wheat Key Growing Stage 2017/05/11
   Training on Millet Simplified and Efficient Cultivation and Industrial Development of 2017 was held in Wuan 2017/04/28
   Technical training and observation on coarse fodder production held in Cangzhou 2017/04/27
   Institute of Cotton Held Technical Training for Poverty Reduction 2017/04/14