— Demonstration —

   HAAFS´s Seeding and field management machinery is welcomed in the exhibition held in Shijiazhuang 2019/04/18
   Institute of Resources and Environment organizes training on pollution control technology of intensive dairy farming 2019/03/21
   Experts of dryland farming institute give training service to demonstration bases 2019/01/21
   National Wheat System Hengshui Experimental Station held Demonstration site meeting 2018/05/15
   Scientists from Institute of Cotton developed technical extension in demonstration base 2018/05/03
   Winter Pruning Skills Competition was Held by Shunping Peach Industry Demonstration Base 2018/01/09
   The Hebei Bohai Granary Science and Technology Demonstration Project made new achievement 2017/02/24
   The Dryland Farming Institute promotes the transformation of biological control technology to boost the agricultural supply side reforms 2017/02/10
   Demonstration base of high quality and efficient vegetables cultivation 2016/01/10
   Demonstration base of biological control of Raoyang County 2016/01/09
   Demonstration base of cotton new variety and agricultural new technology 2016/01/08
   Demonstration base of high density and high yield chestnut orchard 2016/01/07
   Demonstration base of water saving in Jingian County 2016/01/06
   Demonstration base of water saving and high yielding winter wheat varieties and matching cultivation technology 2016/01/05
   Demonstration base of cotton of HAAFS in Xinjiang 2016/01/04