— Demonstration —

   Deputy secretary Ding wei of Qinhuangdao municipal party committee and his delegation visited the base of Institute of Changli Fruit Tree for research 2019/10/31
   The Demonstration on Late Sowing Early Mature Rain-fed Millet Gains Success in Jingxian County 2019/10/29
   Vice-president Zhang Qiang participated in the demonstration meeting of mechanized cotton picking 2019/10/23
   Plaque unveiling ceremony is held for Research Achievement Demonstration Base of National Research Center of Rapeseed Engineering and Technology 2019/10/15
   The group from Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs to Xingtang demonstration base of Shijiazhuang Fruit Tree Institute for investigation of technology-driving rural revitalization demonstration 2019/10/09
   Vice President Sun Shigang attends the new sweet potato variety tasting and simplified cultivation technology training 2019/09/26
   Institute of Cereal and Oil Crops undertakes the 2019 Huang-Huai-Hai Region Maize Competitiveness Improving Forum and Field Day of the National Maize Industrial Technology System 2019/09/24
   Vice-president Sun Shigang visits the special demonstration base of mulberry 2019/09/12
   Institute of Cereal and Oil Crops held site observation and training in Da Ming Demonstration Base on high oleic peanut technology 2019/09/12
   Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Chen Xuegeng provided the work guidance in Nangong Research and Demonstration Base 2019/09/09
   Experts of Cotton Institute carry out S&T services in Quzhou demonstration base 2019/08/28
   Institute of Changli Fruit Tree held the Jingdong Chestnut Quality and High-yield Standardization Technology Observation and Training Conference 2019/08/27
   The on-the-spot observation meeting of leek green production technology was organized by the Institute of Vegetables and Medicinal Herbs 2019/08/21
   Institute of Cash Crops conducts joint investigation to its science and technology service bases 2019/07/29
   President Zhang Tielong conducts work investigation at the color pepper demonstration base in Chongli District of Zhang Jiakou City 2019/07/24