— Demonstration —

   The 2020 Academic Committee Meeting of Hebei Minor Grain Crop Research Laboratory Is Held in Zhuolu County 2020/07/28
   Experts of the Institute of Cotton Conduct Field Investigation and Provide Technical Guidance in Weixian County 2020/07/22
   Experts of the Institute of Millet Carry out Investigation and Technical Service on Demonstration Bases 2020/07/10
   Vice President Sun Shigang Inspects the Demonstration Base of Protected Vegetables High Efficient Green Production 2020/07/01
   Vice President Zhang Jianjun Inspects Zhuolu Experiment and Demonstration Base 2020/06/17
   Vice President Sun Shigang Attends the Cooperation Agreements Signing Ceremony of Coastal Agriculture Institute with Enterprises 2020/06/16
   Sun Shigang Inspects Guohong Apple Demonstration Base in Longyao County of Xingtai City 2020/05/28
   Vice President Sun Shigang Inspects the Research Achievements Demonstration Bases 2020/05/20
   Vice President Sun Shigang Investigates the Vegetable Science and Technology Demonstration Base 2020/04/27
   Industrial Poverty Alleviation of Baiquan Vegetable Production Park Has Made Remarkable Progress 2020/04/07
   Institute of Cereal and Oil Crops established the research achievement transformation base in Zhuolu county 2019/12/27
   Deputy secretary Ding wei of Qinhuangdao municipal party committee and his delegation visited the base of Institute of Changli Fruit Tree for research 2019/10/31
   The Demonstration on Late Sowing Early Mature Rain-fed Millet Gains Success in Jingxian County 2019/10/29
   Vice-president Zhang Qiang participated in the demonstration meeting of mechanized cotton picking 2019/10/23
   Plaque unveiling ceremony is held for Research Achievement Demonstration Base of National Research Center of Rapeseed Engineering and Technology 2019/10/15