— Progress —

   HAAFS´s Seeding and field management machinery is welcomed in the exhibition held in Shijiazhuang 2019/04/18
   Important progress has been made in research on forage grass by Institute of Dryland Farming 2019/03/26
   Institute of Genetics and Physiology Holds On-site Meeting in Xinji City for Integrated Utilization of Wastes out of Small and Medium-sized Livestock Farms 2019/01/29
   The project of integrated innovation and extension of bumblebee (honeybee) pollination and green control technology passes the acceptance 2019/01/25
   Standard series of technical regulations are approved for protected vegetables water-saving irrigation 2019/01/24
   HAAFS’s seven self-funded projects have been newly approved 2019/01/15
   High yield of black wheat ‘Jizi 439’ spring sowing in Zhang Jiakou Ba Shang District 2018/08/20
   ‘Golden lotus’---New Apricot Variety has been approved by State Forestry Bureau 2018/05/28
   Institute of Genetics and Physiology participates in 2018 Hebei Working Conference on Soil, Fertilizer and Water Management 2018/04/25
   New wheat cultivar Jinhe 13294 and Jinhe 12339 get approval of Hebei province 2018/04/17
   ‘Jizi439’—the valuable black wheat against diabetes 2018/03/16
   The Project Team of National Key Research and Development Program Visited Institute of Dryland Farming 2018/03/14
   Institute of Dryland Farming is authorized as the innovation service provider accepting scientific and technological innovation coupons 2018/01/29
   The Institute of Cereals and Oil-crops Organized Joint Inspection on Wheat Field Experiment 2017/06/06
   Vice-President Zhang Jianjun attended the 2016 Provincial Science and Technology Awarding Conference 2017/05/27