— Progress —

   Hebei pear whole process green production regulation 2021/04/06
   Hebei strawberry whole process green production regulation 2021/04/02
   The water-saving wheat cultivated by HAAFS has improved the influence 2021/02/20
   The public laboratory for quality of agricultural products introduces valuable analytical instruments 2021/02/04
   The Important Roles of Some Wheat Heat Shock Transcription Factor Family Genes Are Further Confirmed 2020/12/18
   The Technical Protocols on the Control of Seed-borne Diseases of Cereal Crops Get Approved 2020/12/09
   The Technical Protocol for Green Prevention and Control of Peach Aphid Has Got Approval 2020/09/21
   New Chestnut Varieties from the Institute of Changli Fruit Tree Pass Field Evaluation 2020/09/18
   3 New Sweet Cherry Strains Released by Institute of Changli Fruit Tree Passed the On-site Test by Experts 2020/06/19
   Water-saving wheat variety ‘Jimai 325’ has made a high yield 2020/06/17
   Wheat Heat Shock Transcription Factor Gene TaHsfA2i Gets Invention Patent 2020/06/15
   The Chestnut variety Yanshanzaofeng is listed as the key research achievement for promotion 2020/06/05
   Evaluation Meeting on the Technical Models of Reducing Pesticides and Chemical Fertilizers and Increasing Inputs Efficiency in Protected Vegetable Cultivation is held 2020/05/22
   HAAFS Two New Achievements Win 2019 Hebei Provincial Science and Technology Award 2020/05/14
   Root Monitoring System of Fruit Trees Is Put into Use in the Institute of Shijiazhuang Fruit Tree 2020/04/20