— Progress —

   Key progress has been made in frost tolerance of wheat 2022/07/27
   High quality genome assembly and pangenome research help to analyze the genetic background and improve mung bean varieties 2022/07/06
   Update progress in the research of wheat heat shock transcription factors in response to abiotic stress 2022/07/04
   Research paper published on Frontiers in Plant Science 2022/06/17
   Introduction on wheat research of Institute of Cereal and Oil Crops 2022/06/09
   Technical regulation of summer squash green production 2022/04/18
   Low-pressure localized fertigation technology for winter wheat 2021/12/27
   Breakthroughs have been made in the transformation and application of pastures cultivated by the Institute of Dryland Farming 2021/12/01
   New achievements have been made in the high quality development of millet industry in Wu’an 2021/11/23
   Research and integration of water saving, fertilizer control and quality improving technology of greenhouse vegetable 2021/11/22
   High yield cultivation technology of blueberry in Hebei 2021/11/22
   Sowing situation of winter wheat and high yield cultivation technique suggestion 2021/11/19
   The technology of “applying suspending agent of Bacillus Subtilis HMB19198 at a concentration of 10 billion CFU/mL to prevent and control greenhouse tomato leaf spot” from the Institute of Plant Protection passed the field test 2021/11/16
   The precision agriculture research team of the Institute of Agricultural Information and Economics published a research paper in Agricultural Water Management 2021/11/10
   Using beauveria bassiana oil suspension to prevent and control bemisia tabaci on greenhouse tomato 2021/11/08
   Project “research integration and demonstration of intelligent precise water and fertilizer management technology in apple orchards” passed the field test 2021/11/05
   Study on efficient green control technology of maize stem rot 2021/10/11
   Suggestion on saline and alkaline land that harvest abundant alfafa 2021/09/23
   Field tests on green and efficient production technology of millet in fallow area 2021/09/18
   Field test on key technology of green, high-quality and efficient production of high oleic acid peanut 2021/09/16