— Progress —

   3 New Sweet Cherry Strains Released by Institute of Changli Fruit Tree Passed the On-site Test by Experts 2020/06/19
   Water-saving wheat variety ‘Jimai 325’ has made a high yield 2020/06/17
   Wheat Heat Shock Transcription Factor Gene TaHsfA2i Gets Invention Patent 2020/06/15
   The Chestnut variety Yanshanzaofeng is listed as the key research achievement for promotion 2020/06/05
   Evaluation Meeting on the Technical Models of Reducing Pesticides and Chemical Fertilizers and Increasing Inputs Efficiency in Protected Vegetable Cultivation is held 2020/05/22
   HAAFS Two New Achievements Win 2019 Hebei Provincial Science and Technology Award 2020/05/14
   Root Monitoring System of Fruit Trees Is Put into Use in the Institute of Shijiazhuang Fruit Tree 2020/04/20
   HAAFS 2019 STI Projects Has Achieved Good Results 2020/04/09
   The Evaluation Criterion for Agriculture Industry Layout and Plant Landscape Configuration of Pastoral Complex Gets Approval as the Local Standard of Hebei Province 2020/01/16
   Technical Protocol for Whole Process of Tomato Green Production in Protected Field Has Passed Professional Evaluation 2020/01/10
   The Minor Crop Project of National key Technologies R&D Program organized kick-off meeting in Shijiazhuang 2020/01/09
   Training on integrated control of agricultural non-point pollution is held in Qingyuan pilot demonstration area 2019/12/26
   The Technical Protocol on Protected Cultivation of Strawberry Variety Hongxing Has Got Approval as Hebei Provincial Standard 2019/10/29
   The Demonstration on Late Sowing Early Mature Rain-fed Millet Gains Success in Jingxian County 2019/10/29
   Institute of Shijiazhuang Fruit tree held mid-term evaluation meeting of the national key R&D project “The integration and demonstration of technologies for reducing fertilizer and pesticides and increasing efficiency in pear production of North China” 2019/09/20