— Progress —

   The Technical Protocol on Protected Cultivation of Strawberry Variety Hongxing Has Got Approval as Hebei Provincial Standard 2019/10/29
   The Demonstration on Late Sowing Early Mature Rain-fed Millet Gains Success in Jingxian County 2019/10/29
   Institute of Shijiazhuang Fruit tree held mid-term evaluation meeting of the national key R&D project “The integration and demonstration of technologies for reducing fertilizer and pesticides and increasing efficiency in pear production of North China” 2019/09/20
   Prof. Gao Zhanfeng and others attended the National Workshop on Gas Isotope Technology and Applications of Earth Sciences 2019/09/19
   Key R&D project “Greenhouse vegetables soil barrier improvement technology and products R&D” startup 2019/09/16
   The Technical Specification of Field Sampling and Biological Survey of Apples has been approved 2019/09/05
   Three cotton varieties developed by the Institute of Dryland Farming are approved in Hebei Province 2019/08/29
   Two Provincial Standards Developed by the Institute of Agricultural Resources and Environment Have Got Approval 2019/08/20
   Leaders of Department of Agriculture and Rural Affair of Hebei Province and Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences have investigated the field production of high protein soybean cultivars developed by the Institute of Cereal and Oil Crops 2019/08/02
   HAAFS Organize Meeting to facilitate the candidate recipients qualified to participate in the peer-review of Hebei Provincial Science and Technology Award to prepare the defense materials 2019/07/26
   The protocol of authenticity and purity determination for cotton hybrid with SSR marker has been approved as the local standard of Hebei Province 2019/07/08
   49 new provincial projects have got approval in 2019 2019/07/05
   Two cotton varieties developed in Institute of Cereal and Oil Crops have been approved 2019/06/25
   HAAFS´s Seeding and field management machinery is welcomed in the exhibition held in Shijiazhuang 2019/04/18
   Important progress has been made in research on forage grass by Institute of Dryland Farming 2019/03/26