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Green manure team from Institute of Agricultural Resources and Environment went to Jinshahe base to give scientific and technological services
Author:Chenglu   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Lv Junhai   Time:2021/04/09 11:35:07   Source:International Cooperation Division

On April 2, Researcher Feng Wei and Zhi Jianfei, from Institute of Agricultural Resources and Environment, went to Jinshahe sweet potato planting base in Xingtai City to give technological guidance on green manure production.

Now it’s the full-blossom period of winter green manure rape. Ge Shiyong, the manager of the base, asked for advice about sowing seeds of winter green manure, selection of varieties, field management in spring, connection of crop rotation of sightseeing green manure throughout the year and the continuous cropping of sweet potato. Experts answered the questions and effectively solved the problems of spring seedling shortage of winter rape, variety connection of summer green manure, variety selection and sowing of fall green manure, and the obstacle of sweet potato continuous cropping.

Experts and Manager Ge communicated about green manure, green agricultural products and extension additional value of green manure industry and initially reached the station-enterprise cooperation intention. The cooperation will provide a great platform for soil improvement, green manure production, green manure sightseeing, dust restraint, water and soil conservation in the green manure industry integration and play an important role in accelerating the continuous development of green manure industry in Hebei.


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