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Institute of Cereal and Oil Crops Organizes a Series of Activities to Serve the Sweet Potato Enterprises and Support the Sweet Potato Industry Development
Author:Li Xiaozhi   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2020/09/28 16:04:02   Source:International Cooperation Division

With people’s awareness of healthy diet, the demanding for sweet potato as a kind of nutrition and health food has been increasing. Meanwhile, in Hebei Province as the representative producing region, the fast development of sweet potato industry has brought about some new problems, such as how to realize large-scale and standardized production, how to increase the market occupancy of the virus-free seedlings, how to speed up green production and improve production efficiency, and how to upgrade the traditional starch processing enterprises. In order to seek for solutions, the Institute of Cereal and Oil Crops invited 8 experts from the national and provincial technology systems on sweet potato industry and organized a series of scientific and technological activities in Hebei from September 17 to September 20.
      Firstly, at the newly-established sweet potato production base of Jinshahe company in Xingtai City, Chief Scientist Ma Daifu and Pest and Disease Control Post Expert Chen Shulong of the National Sweet Potato Industry Technology System respectively introduced about the sweet potato industry development in China and the world and the latest achievements of green control technologies for sweet potato diseases and pests, and discussed the existing problems and technical obstacles facing by the enterprise with company leaders and technicians, also gave suggestions for the company’s high-level development.
      Secondly, an experts committee was established to discuss the objectives of Hebei Research Institute of Sweet Potato Industry. The committee was headed by Prof. Li Qiang, the post expert on improvement of sweet potato varieties for special uses. The members of the committee included Chief Expert Ma Daifu, Prof. Liu Qingchang, Prof. Niu Fuxiang and Prof. Chen Shulong of the National Sweet Potato Industry Technology System. Guo Weidong of Hebei Provincial Department of Science and Technology and Song Shuquan of Qinhuangdao Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology also attended the meeting.
      Thirdly, a panel of experts, joined by Prof. Ma Daifu, Prof. Li Qiang and Prof. Chen Shulong of the National Sweet Potato Industry Technology System, Post Expert Du Deyu of Hebei Provincial Potato Industry Technology System and Prof. Liu Lanfu of the National Sweet Potato Industry Technology System Shijiazhuang Station, visited Hexiatu Co. Ltd of Handan, the only national region sweet potato seedling reproduction base in China and provided constructive and guiding suggestions for the company.
      Fourthly, the 4th Forum on Sweet Potato Industry Development and New Sweet Potato Variety Observation Meeting was held in Xinle City of Shijiazhuang. Deputy Major Pu Bu of Xinle City and Wang Junxian of Hebei Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs attended the event. Prof. Liu Qingchang, Prof. Li Qiang, Prof. Niu Fuxiang, and Prof. Chen Shulong, the post experts of the National Sweet Potato Industry Technology System, gave presentations respectively on the current status of sweet potato industry, breeding and processing of varieties for special purposes, research on deep-processing sweet potato products and identification and green control of diseases and pests. The meeting also provided face-to-face communications between growers and experts. The participants visited the production fields of the new varieties Jishu 98, Jizishu 2 and Jifen 1 as well. This event attracted the participants’ interests and got very good response.
      The above activities met the needs of the fast development of sweet potato industry, and the face-to-face communication of experts and enterprises inspired the new ideas and widened the field of vision for the participants, which is of great importance for guiding the enterprise development and promoting the high quality development of sweet potato industry in Hebei Province.

Key words:Institute of Cereal and Oil Crops; Sweet potato; Service; Industry development