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Hebei Crop Science Society Holds the 3rd General Assembly and the 2020 Academic Annual Conference in Shijiazhuang
Author:Li Xiaozhi   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2020/09/01 14:53:55   Source:International Cooperation Division

August 26 to 28, 2020, the 3rd General Assembly and the 2020 Academic Annual Conference of Hebei Crop Science Society was held at Jingzhou International in Shijiazhuang, the capital city of Hebei Province. Themed at “Exploring the New Integration of Production - Education - Research, Boosting the Overall Rural Revitalization”, the conference was sponsored by the Crop Science Society of Hebei and jointly organized by the Institute of Cereal and Oil Crops of HAAFS, the College of Agronomy of Hebei Agricultural University and Hebei General Station of Agricultural Technology Extension. More than 170 participants attended the conference including Vice President Sun Shigang of Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, Prof. Wang Haibo, honorary chairman of Hebei Crop Science Society, Director Li Lianxi of Planting Industry Division of Hebei Department of Agricultural and Rural Affairs, Zhangfeng, head of the Society Department of Hebei Science and Technology Association and representatives in crop production, education, research and technology extension.
      Li Yan, chairman of the second council of Hebei Crop Science Society, declared the opening of the conference on the morning of August 27. The meeting adopted the work report of the second council, the revising report on the Constitution of Hebei Crop Science Society and the financial report of the second council, voted through the Measures for Membership Dues Management and elected the members of the third council. Li Yan, the newly elected chairman of the third council, expressed the sincere thanks, on behalf of the third council, to the members of the second council, the members of the crop society and the people working with crop science and technology, and payed great respects to the older generation of experts, scholars and leaders who have made outstanding contributions to the development of Hebei Crop Science Society. At his speech, he also stressed the importance of adhering to the correct political direction, cultivating brand academic activities, giving full play to the advantages of the crop society and providing sound service to agricultural production.
      The conference invited 6 outstanding scientists for keynote presentations who are Gai Junyi, Zhao Chunjiang, Zhang Aimin, He Yan, Liao Boshou and Wan Shubo. Academician Gai Junyi of Nanjing Agricultural University gave the presentation on the title of Application of RTM-GWAS in evolutionary studies and design breeding and Academician Zhao Chunjiang of the National Agricultural Information Engineering Technology Research Center gave the presentation on the overview of intelligent agriculture research. Zhang Aimin of Institute of Genetics and Development Biology of CAS, He Yan of China Agricultural University, Liao Boshou of Oil Crops Research Institute of CAAS, Wan Shubo of Shandong Agricultural Academy made reports respectively focusing on crop cultivation genomics, enlightenment of meiosis recombination in crop breeding, vegetable oil demand in China and key points of innovation, and theory and practice of high yield and high quality peanut cultivation.
      This conference is not only an important meeting in the history of Hebei Crop Science Society but also an unforgettable and wonderful academic feast. The third council of Hebei Crop Science Society will continue the good tradition of the society and pool wisdom and strength to make new and greater contributions to the green agriculture development, rural revitalization and agriculture modernization of Hebei Province.

Key words:Hebei Crop Science Society; 2020 academic annual conference