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Researcher Li Jiancheng and other experts went to Cangzhou pear cultivation bases to investigate the occurrence of pear disease and pest
Author:Cheng Lu   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2020/06/19 15:20:09   Source:International Cooperation Division

From June12 to 14, the plant protection expert Li Jiancheng, from industrial technology system of Hebei Province, went to pear cultivation bases in Haixing, Yanshan and Botou County of Cangzhou City to conduct investigation into occurrence and control of pear disease and pest. The expert Guan Junfeng, from national pear industrial technology system, the pear expert Xu Jianfeng from Hebei provincial industrial technology system, the head of the Cangzhou test station and researchers from Cangzhou Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences also attended this investigation.
      At Haixing organic pear planting base, experts inspected the growth of pear trees. The freezing damage in the early stage led to little impact on the yield. Experts carried out field sampling investigation on the suberification problem of Qiuyue pear trees, combined with the occurrence of diseases and insects in orchards, and put forward suggestions on prevention and control in the near future.
      At Yanshan pear orchard, experts diagnosed the cause of death of newly introduced pear tree seedlings in the early spring, proposed the remedial measures and held a discussion with the village committee members on the construction of modern agricultural park, the introduction of new variety of fruit trees and other development plans.
      At Botou, experts had a panel discussion with production management personnel from Yafeng Fruit Co,.LTD. and Dongfang Fruit Co,.LTD. separately, investigated the influence of COVID-19 on export and marketing of pear, and problems occurred during storage period. Experts inspected the pear nondestructive test procedure, grading assembly line and pear production base, and put forward some production suggestions for late-period management of pear orchard suffered from late frost damage.

Key words:Cangzhou pear cultivation base, investigation, pear disease and pest