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President Zhang Tielong Inspects the Institute of Dryland Farming
Author:Li Xiaozhi   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2020/05/18 15:35:37   Source:International Cooperation Division

On May 13, President Zhang Tielong led a delegation of 7 people to the Institute of Dryland Farming for working inspection.
      Firstly, the group visited the institute’s research center for biological control and its cooperative enterprise Wofeng Company of Hengshui. They observed the natural enemy production workshop and the bumble bee raising workshop and listened to the introduction on the progress of biological control research and the application and marketing of bio-control products. Then, they visited the research station for dryland and water-saving agriculture, and listened to the reports of scientists about projects implementation, research focuses and progresses. During the activities, President Zhang Tielong fully affirmed the institute’s research work, at the same time, pointed out that, staffs of the institute should, in terms of scientific research, work hard to earnestly implement the academy’s key work deployment, to make good plans for the 14th five-year-plan on the special research areas as crop breeding, water-saving technology, biological control and drought resistance identification, to optimize discipline structure, and to enhance laboratory building, striving to make great breakthrough in getting funds from National Natural Science Foundation and project progress; in terms of integrated management, should improve management system and strengthen work consciousness, in order to create a favorable atmosphere for pursuing development through unity and synergy and to open up new prospects for the better development of the institute.

Key words:Zhang Tielong; Inspection; Institute of Dryland Farming