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Vice President Sun Shigang Investigates the Vegetable Science and Technology Demonstration Base
Author:Li Xiaozhi   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2020/04/27 16:06:49   Source:International Cooperation Division

On April 23 of 2020, Vice President Sun Shigang went to Handan City for investigation. During the tour, he visited 3 demonstration bases including Yongnian Special Vegetable Production Base, Fudong Agricultural Science and Technology Park and Quzhou Vegetable Production and Intensive Nursery Base, observed the demonstration for garlic production in Yongnian, leaf vegetables production at Fudong Park and vegetable seedlings production in Quzhou. Sun spoke highly to the work of establishing these demonstration bases by the Institute of Vegetables and Medicinal Herbs, and put forward further requirements for improving the levels of these bases, exhibiting more new varieties and technologies and strengthening technical training to expand the social influence of our scientific achievements. He also had discussions with the participants about how to deepen the cooperation with local government sectors and new types of agricultural business entities.
      Director Wang Guoyin of Science and Technology Achievements Transformation Division, Vice Director Wang Mingqiu of the Institute of Vegetables and Medicinal Herbs, project managers of the demonstration bases, leaders of local agricultural sectors and managers of the new types of agricultural business entities also participated the activities.

Key words:Demonstration base; Vegetable; Investigation