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Technical Protocol for Whole Process of Tomato Green Production in Protected Field Has Passed Professional Evaluation
Author:Li Xiaozhi   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2020/01/10 14:28:26   Source:International Cooperation Division

January 5th of 2020, HAAFS invited 8 experts, from Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Hebei, Hebei Administration for Market Regulation, Information Science Institute of Department of Science and Technology of Hebei, Hebei Agricultural University and Shijiazhuang Agricultural Bureau, to the evaluation meeting of the technical protocol for whole process of tomato green production in protected field which had been jointly accomplished by the Institute of Cash Crops, Institute of Plant Protection, Institute of Agricultural Resources and Environment and Institute of Dryland Farming. The expert panel all agreed that this technical protocol is practical and advanced, it has reached the leading level of its kind in China and can be popularized in Hebei province as the technical pattern of tomato green and high efficient production. The new technical protocol has three points of innovations: first, divided the all year round greenhouse tomato production area into 5 different types of regions, basing on the main growing areas, sowing time, type of greenhouse, geographical distribution and climate; second, created 6 whole production technical patterns, according to the change of sowing and harvest time; third, integrated greenhouse intensive seedling nursery, water-fertilizer accurate management, bumblebee pollination, green control techniques for pest and disease as well as new functional products.

Key words:Innovation engineering project; Greenhouse tomato; Whole process green and efficient; Pattern