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Vice President Zhang Jianjun Attends the Summery Meeting on S&T Cooperation with Handan City and Hengshui City
Author:Li Xiaozhi   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2019/12/13 16:24:06   Source:International Cooperation Division

December 4-5, 2019, HAAFS organized cooperation summery meeting in Handan City and Hengshui City, respectively. Vice President Zhang Jianjun attended these meetings and delivered important speeches. Leaders from municipal governments, relevant local departments, research institute of Handan City, HAAFS project responsible institutes, project cooperative enterprises and chief experts, over 160 people participated in the meeting.
      32 expert teams, who undertaking the cooperative projects, reported the main works, achievements, existing problems of 2019 and the work plan of 2020. In 2019 in Handan City and Hengshui City, HAAFS, working with 52 agricultural enterprises, has demonstrated 114 core technologies, established 66 demonstration models with demonstration area of 4172 hectares, organized 41 field trips and 269 training meetings, trained 11540 grassroots technicians and farmers, jointly developed 35 new products and built 34 brands, successfully achieved the goals of cooperation set between the two sides in the beginning of the year.
      Zhang Jianjun, in his speeches, fully affirmed the achievements gained through the cooperation with Hengshui City and Handan City. He pointed out, HAAFS will actively serve the development of special industries and green agriculture of the two cities by giving full play to the advantages of both sides and facilitate to promote the upgrading of green production technologies and the high quality development of local agriculture. Director Wang Guoyin of HAAFS Achievements Transformation Division chaired the meetings and gave suggestions for the 2020 cooperation work arrangements.

Key words:S&T cooperation, Handan City, Hengshui City