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The Demonstration on Late Sowing Early Mature Rain-fed Millet Gains Success in Jingxian County
Author:Li Xiaozhi   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2019/10/29 09:11:43   Source:International Cooperation Division

On October 23, the Institute of Dryland Farming organized the relevant experts and enterprise representatives to Hebei Runda Agricultural Science and Technology Co. Ltd, conducting on-the-spot yield measurement on the late sowing early mature rain-fed millet demonstration field.
      This production demonstration is located in Liufu Township of Jingxian County, Hengshui City. In the core demonstration area of 400 mu, 3 early mature varieties, namely Henggu 23, Henggu 26, Henggu 30, were planted, with wheat as the former crop, sowing time 17 July after rain without tillage, 50 thousand effective seedlings/mu, and all rain-fed during the whole growth period. Meanwhile, the simplified management technology was adopted such as chemical thinning, chemical weeding and fully mechanized operation.
      The crop in the demonstration area grows well and the damage by disease, insect and grass was light, all under effective control; the crop is in good maturity and without lodging; the average yield of each variety is at lest 348kg/mu. The demonstration saves water 80 m3/mu than planting maize during the same period and 50 m3/mu than sowing millet on irrigated land.
      The experts and enterprise representatives as well as millet growers reached the consensus that late sowing early mature millet rain-fed water-saving cultivation can adapt the production requirement of different planting time and has broad and long-lasting development prospect in the areas in shortage of underground water.

Key words:Institute of Dryland Farming; Demonstration on millet rain-fed cultivation