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Scientists of the Institute of Agricultural Information and Economics carry out project in Fuping County to help poor villages develop agricultural industry
Author:Li Xiaozhi   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2019/07/30 17:21:38   Source:International Cooperation Division

On July 22 of 2019, Vice Director Niu Xiting of the Institute of Agricultural Information and Economics (IAIE) led the related research personnel to Xiazhuang Village and Mianpen Village of Xiazhuang Township, Fuping County for the implementation of poverty alleviation through industrial development. The group held meeting in the two villages, listened to the basic situation and the industrial development status, visited the production sites and provided on-site consultation about the agricultural industry development according to the real condition of the two villages.
      Under the support and guidance of IAIE, this year Xiazhuang Village renewed the crop varieties and initiated mushroom production. Now the crops grow well and the mushroom production has made great progress. The group also inspected the construction of the Cloud Flower Valley Drifting Scenic Spot. Since the implementation of poverty relief project in 2018 the basic facility construction of the scenic spot has got great improvement. Vice Director Niu Xiting gave specific suggestions to the current tourism industry in the village. The leading committee of the village considers the recommendations provided by the institute practical and expressed the willingness to accept the suggestions to make great efforts in developing agricultural industry, crop variety selection and tourism industry.
      Mianpen Village is the one that the institute first time enters to carry out pilot support. The project group had talks with the Secretary of the Village and learned about the industrial foundation, farmers’ cooperative organization and economic condition of the whole village as well as the related demands. The two sides exchanged views on the vision planning for the future joint activities as to conduct S&T training and develop leading agricultural industry and tourism. The project group inspected the tourist homestay facilities in the village and confirmed that Mianpen Village has the potential to develop homestay tourism and the homestay will become a new growth point for the village’s economic development with scientific planning.
      The project group also presented the two villages the newest publication Modern Science and Technology for Rural Areas.

Key words:Institute of Agricultural Information and Economics, Poverty relief, Development of agriculture industry