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Institute of Agricultural Information and Economics establishes a technology demonstration base in Yingzi Town, Botou
Author:Chen Yan   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2019/06/10 11:19:21   Source:International Cooperation Division

On May 22, a delegation of experts led by Niu Xiting, Deputy Director of Institute of Agricultural Information and Economics, visited Yingzi Town in Botou City for the launching and signing ceremony of the Technology Demonstration Base. Feng Wentao, Secretary of Yingzi Township CPC Committee and Guo Xitao, Mayor of Yingzi Town, attended the ceremony.
      Mulberry has been planted in Yingzi Town of Botou City for more than 400 years. Since the implementation of the reform and opening-up policy, villagers began to expand the planting scale. Relying on the advantages of mulberry cultivation, Yingzi Town Party Committee and government organized villagers to develop mulberry production and gradually made it into the local pillar industry for increasing farmers´ income and helping them getting rich. From 2016, Institute of Agricultural Information and Economics sent scientists to the town from time to time carried out scientific investigation and technical guidance and assisted in compiling the development plan of mulberry industry. Up to now, significant achievements have been made in industrial development and mechanism innovation as follows: ten thousand Mu of modern mulberry orchard has been formed; the industrial chain of mulberry planting, processing and marketing has been gradually improved. At present, the town has become the main producing area and distribution center of mulberry products in northern China. The Mulberry Agricultural Park of this town has been awarded the title of Cangzhou Modern Agricultural Park.
      The establishment of the science and technology demonstration base is not only the standard upgrade of mulberry industry development in Yingzi Town, but also the technical upgrade based on the remarkable achievements of the previous mulberry industry demonstration base of the Institute of Agricultural Information and Economics. For the next step, the institute will make joint efforts with the food processing experts from Jiangnan University to help villagers develop mulberry deep processing technology; carry out research on inter-cropping patterns of trees, shrubs and grasses to improve the comprehensive benefits of the park; complete the evaluation of the park planning in the near future and strive to successfully apply the provincial park, in order to enhance the influence of Botou mulberry industry and promote the regional economic development.

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