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HAAFS carries out joint investigation on scientific and technological cooperation with Hengshui City
Author:Li Xiaozhi   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2019/05/29 17:00:32   Source:International Cooperation Division

To promote the cooperation between HAAFS and Hengshui city, Vice-president Zhang Jianjun, leading an investigation team of over 30 people, carried out joint project investigation to 18 joint projects from May 21-24. The investigated projects involved with 7 counties and 9 research institutes. The investigation team consisted of leaders from Hengshui Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and leaders from related institutes and department of project management of HAAFS as well as experts representatives. Liu Yuhua, Vice-mayor of Hengshui city, and Vice-president of HAAFS Zhang Jianjun held talks on further promoting scientific and technological cooperation.
      In the joint investigation, the panel listened to the 2019 work reports of each project teams and cooperative enterprises, toured the demonstration base for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and communicated with relevant government leaders on county level for deepening scientific and technological cooperation and promoting industrial development.
      A summary meeting was held after the investigation, and Vice-president Zhang Jianjun confirmed the project achievements and typical experiences. He pointed out that the cooperation between HAAFS and Henghui city was an important measure for promoting the high-quality development of agriculture, and the future work should target the demands of agricultural supply side structural reform, green and safe production, construction of characteristic agricultural products advantage zone, regional underground water management, crop rotation and land fallow. He also mentioned that we should strengthen the multi-discipline collaboration, promote the technological integration and give full play to the supporting role of science and technology in industrial development. The meeting summarized the successful mode of cooperation suitable for popularization.

Key words:Hengshui city, Collaboration, Joint investigation, Transformation of scientific and technological achievements