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HAAFS participates in 2019 (the first) national conference on agricultural S&T achievements transformation
Author:Li Xiaozhi   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2019/05/10 16:59:17   Source:International Cooperation Division

2019 (the first) national conference on agricultural S&T achievements transformation i.e. the 7th Chengdu international urban modern agriculture expo, sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the Municipal People's Government of Chengdu, was held from April 23-27 at Chengdu Century City International Convention Center, Sichuan province. HAAFS participated in the conference and displayed 12 new achievements.
      1300 scientific and technological achievements from 70 agricultural research institutions and universities were on display, including original innovation achievements, high-tech agricultural production inputs, high quality agricultural produce, and regional and characteristic agriculture related technologies. Original innovation achievements took up around 50% of the total exhibition areas.
      HAAFS´s exhibition area attracted a number of research institutions and enterprises. Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences were especially interested in the research and application of our high oleic acid peanut, high protein soybean and soybean without beany smell; Northeast Agricultural University were interested in our quality rice variety Kenxiang 18, water-saving wheat variety Heng 9966, black wheat variety Jizi439, high protein soybean variety without beany smell and maize variety Jiyu3421; Gansu Academy of Agricultural Sciences were interested in our wheat drought warning and orchard efficient irrigation technologies and crop varieties of black wheat Jisi No.3 and dandelion Binpu No.1. Sichuan Agricultural University, Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Farmland Irrigation Research Institute of CAAS, Institute of Crop Sciences of CAAS, Institute of Pomology of CAAS and New Hope Group Co. Ltd visited the exhibition area of HAAFS, asked for the contact information of related experts and reached the consensus for further cooperative negotiation.
      Division of Scientific Research and Technology Management, Institute of Coastal Agriculture and Institute of Cereal and Oil Crops were involved in the activity.

Key words:Achievement transformation, Exhibition