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HAAFS and Dingzhou City Organize Negotiation Meeting on Agricultural S&T Cooperation
Author:Li Xiaozhi   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2019/04/26 15:30:12   Source:International Cooperation Division

On April 15 of 2019, HAAFS´s president Zhang Tielong and vice-president Wang Haibo, with about 20 experts engaging in cereal and oil crops, pomology and vegetable cultivation, participated in the negotiation meeting on agricultural S&T cooperation held in Dingzhou city.
      On the meeting, Zhang Tielong explained HAAFS´s history, achievements and advantages, while Wang Haibo introduced the members of the experts team and their research focuses and achievements. Both leaders expressed that HAAFS would strongly support the experts team to provide technical service in Dingzhou to help the local rural industrial revitalization. The municipal party secretary of Dingzhou Mr. Wang Dongqun reviewed the agricultural development course of Dingzhou city and stated the future demands. He also expressed his sincere thanks to Hebei academy for the long time technological support to the local agricultural development and the expectations for the continuing effort from HAAFS to help Dingzhou fulfill its further leapfrog development. Deputy Secretary of Dingzhou municipal committee Mr. Zhao Jianbin gave the basic information of agricultural industry development of Dingzhou city.
      After meeting, President Zhang Tielong and his delegation visited Huangjia vinery. Experts and local agricultural entrepreneurs had deep exchanges about the introduction, demonstration and extension of new crop varieties and technologies, and reached preliminary cooperation consensus.
      Secretary of Dingzhou municipal committee Mr. Wang Dongqun, Mayor of Dingzhou city Mr. Zhang Tao, Deputy Secretary of Dingzhou municipal committee Mr. Zhao Jianbin, and about 90 representatives from local bureau of agricultural and rural affairs, bureau of science and technology and agricultural enterprises participated in the meeting. Division leaders of Hebei academy in charge of administration office, party committee office and science and technology management were also presented in the activity.

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