Greetings from Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences (HAAFS)
       HAAFS, founded in 1958, is a sole comprehensive agricultural research institution in Hebei Province. The main mission is, focusing on strategic and applied research, to solve the key scientific problems which are of particularly regional importance, serve the provincial agricultural and rural development, empower farmers with science and technology, increase agricultural production and improve farmer's income in Hebei Province.
       HAAFS has 889 scientific staff members and 13 research institutes located across Hebei Province. Owing to the down-to-earth hard work, innovation and dedications of the whole staff member, the academy has developed into one of the most influential comprehensive research institutions of agriculture in China, with focus on plant biotechnology, breeding and cultivation of crops including cereals, vegetables and fruits, sustainable agriculture resources management, integrated pest management, agriculture engineering, agriculture economics and rural development.

       HAAFS has extensive international cooperation relationship with more than 30 countries and international organizations. With the growing globalization of science and technology, HAAFS looks upon international cooperation as a corner stone for advancing China's agriculture research and upgrading research capacity at the academy. HAAFS warmly welcomes cooperation with all overseas institutes and universities for mutual interests and benefits, to jointly contribute for food security and rural economy development of the world.

       Welcome to Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences.