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   Watermelon cultivation technology promotion in Hengshui 2021/05/24
   The water-saving wheat cultivated by HAAFS has improved the influence 2021/02/20
   HAAFS Organize Meeting to facilitate the candidate recipients qualified to participate in the peer-review of Hebei Provincial Science and Technology Award to prepare the defense materials 2019/07/26
   Wheat 2019/05/31
   Corn 2019/05/31
   Cotton 2019/05/31
   Soybean 2019/05/31
   Coarse crops 2019/05/31
   Vegetables and medicinal herbs 2019/05/31
   Fruit trees 2019/05/31
   Germplasm creation and bio-technology 2019/05/31
   Water saving and dry land farming 2019/05/31
   Agricultural resources and environment 2019/05/31
   Plant protection 2019/05/31
   Coastal agriculture 2019/05/31
   Agricultural information and economics 2019/05/31
   Institute of Cereal and Oil Crops 2019/05/31
   Institute of Millet Crops 2019/05/31
   Institute of Cotton 2019/05/31
   Institute of Cash Crops 2019/05/31