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Latest research progress in post-harvest biology of pears
Author:Cheng Lu   Approver:Zhang Meishen   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2022/12/29 10:37:14   Source:International Cooperation Division

The research on the mechanism of fruit ripening, senescence and physiological diseases is the basis of preservation and shelf life extension. Recently, the fruit and vegetable storage, transportation and processing research team of the Institute of Biotechnology and Food Science of HAAFS has made new progress in the research on the post-harvest quality control mechanism of pears.

(1)It was proved that varieties and 1-MCP treatment regulated the occurrence of pear black peel, and the key pathway of the regulation of secondary compounds metabolism during the occurrence of black peel was proposed. Relevant achievements were published in Frontiers in Plant Science (SCI; 2022,13:987240; IF: 6.627) and International Journal of Molecular Sciences (SCI; 2022,23:12088; IF: 6.208) respectively.

Paper’s link: 1.A comprehensive insight on the main physiological biochemical and related genes expression changes during the development of superficial scald in “Yali” pear
2.Changes in a-Farnesene and Phenolic Metabolism and the Expression of Associated Genes during the Development of Superfificial Scald in Two Distinct Pear Cultivars

(2)The effect of stage cooling on reducing cold injury of Huangguan pear during storage was discussed in depth, and the participating of dehydrin gene in the low-temperature response mechanism of fruit during storage was proposed. The paper was published in Horticulturae (SCI; 2022, 8:1022; IF: 2.923)

Paper’s link:Low Temperature Conditioning Reduced the Chilling Injury by Regulating Expression of the Dehydrin Genes in Postharvest Huangguan Pear (Pyrus bretschneideri Rehd. Cv. Huangguan)

(3)The change rules of wax content and components on the fruit surface of different pear varieties during storage were investigated, and the core regulatory genes in the biosynthetic pathway of wax on the fruit surface were clarified. The paper was published in Peer J (SCI; 2022, 10: e14328; IF: 3.061).

Paper’s link:Changing surface wax compositions and related gene expression in three cultivars of Chinese pear fruits during cold storage

These studies have laid a solid foundation for further analysis of fruit storage performance and research and development of preservation technology.

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