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The application of peach quality improvement technology makes Shenzhou honey peach return to its old taste
Author:Cheng lu   Approver:Zhang Meishen   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2022/12/27 10:57:55   Source:International Cooperation Division

Shenzhou honey peach, whose cultivation history can be traced to Han Dynasty, is one of the four traditional famous peach varieties in China. Because of its sweet flavor and rich aroma, it had been a royal tribute for many generations. In recent years, due to farmers’ excessive attention to fruit size and unreasonable cultivation management, the flavor and quality of fruit have seriously declined.

In order to return to the "old taste" of Shenzhou honey peach and promote the healthy development of the peach industry in Hebei Province, in 2018, researcher MA Zhisheng from Institute of Shijiazhuang Fruit Research began to test and demonstrate the "three increases, three controls and one suitability" peach internal quality improvement technology in Tianyuan honey peach base in Shenzhou City. This technology, which is the brainchild of researcher Ma Zhisheng, is the first technology proposed to improve the internal quality of peach in China. “Three increases” refer to increasing light, soil organic matter and potassium fertilizer, "three controls" refer to controlling soil moisture, yield and nitrogen fertilizer, and "one suitability" refers to harvesting at a suitable time. After 5 years of testing, the quality of Shenzhou honey peach fruit produced at the base has been significantly improved. The soluble solids content increased from 12% to more than 17%. The phenomenon of softening, browning or blackening at the ventral suture of peach fruit basically disappeared. There is no unpleasant taste, and the flavor quality has been significantly improved. People say that it’s like tasting peaches in their childhood again. Influenced by the demonstration at the base, the flavor quality has become the most important indicator in the production of Shenzhou honey peach. Farmers began to follow and apply the technology of "three increases, three controls and one suitability" and the technology application area has reached more than 1000 hectares.

In 2022, the "three increases, three controls and one suitability" peach internal quality improvement technology was listed as one of the main promotion technologies by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Hebei Province, and it is the only technology in planting industry that focuses on improving quality. At present, this technology has been applied to several peach varieties in some regions of Hebei and has achieved good results. Peach producing areas in some other provinces of China also began to apply this technology.

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