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Biocontrol technology guidance provided by experts of Institute of Plant Protection
Author:Cheng Lu   Approver:Zhang Meishen   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2022/09/29 16:47:39   Source:International Cooperation Division

Recently, researchers from the microbial insecticide laboratory of the Institute of Plant Protection carried out investigation on pest occurrence and guidance on biocontrol technology in Wuyi County and Boye County.

In Wuyi County, researcher SONG Jian and JIA Haimin conducted a comprehensive investigation on the damage of Bradysia odoriphaga Yang et Zhang and Acrolepla alliella Semenov et Kuzn in Chinese chive fields. They proposed control technics such as reasonable fertilization, root irrigation with Bacillus thuringiensis suspension agent to control Bradysia odoriphaga Yang et Zhang, and spray with high-efficiency cypermethrin to control Acrolepla alliella Semenov et Kuzn.   

In Boye County, grubs are the main underground pests of peanuts. Researcher SONG Jian, CAO Weiping and JIA Haimin investigated the occurrence and damage of grubs in peanut fields, and the field test results of Beauveria granules arranged earlier to control grubs. The results showed that the control effect of Beauveria granules on grubs was excellent, and the rate of fruit boring was significantly reduced. In combination with field harvest, the expert team explained in detail how to identify the damage symptoms of grubs, and gave specific guidance to growers on the field application instructions of Beauveria granules.

For a long time, the guidance on green biological control technology provided by the microbial pesticide expert team of the Institute of Plant Protection has played a positive role in promoting the economic benefits of local crop planting. The local cooperative and the growers expressed their sincere thanks and high recognition, and looked forward to long-term cooperation.

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