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Molecular Marker Assisted Breeding for Red-flesh Apple
Author:Cao Jianru   Approver:Zhang Meishen   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2022/04/12 15:12:40   Source:International Cooperation Division

Apple is one of the most popular fruits and plays a very important role in China's national economy. With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, consumers' requirements for fruits have been further increased. Red-flesh apple is loved by consumers because of its bright flesh color and rich anthocyanin, carotene and other nutrients, which has high nutritional and medicinal value. In recent years, many countries are committed to the breeding and research of red flesh apple, and have achieved good results. China is rich in red flesh apple germplasm resources, but the breeding and research works on red flesh apple were started late. In production, red flesh apple varieties are sour and astringent, with poor flesh and fruit quality. The purpose of this study is to fully tap the resources of red flesh apple and develop new varieties of high-quality red flesh apple, to improve the breeding efficiency of red flesh apple, through early screening by molecular assisted breeding technology.
Shijiazhuang Fruit Tree Institute of Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences has been engaged in the collection and evaluation of apple resources and the innovation of apple germplasm for a long time. It has successively developed many new apple varieties including Guohong, Jinzhouhong, Jinzhong and Jiping series; Since 2006, it has carried out red flesh apple breeding. At present, more than 20 red flesh plant materials and more than 1000 hybrid seedlings have been obtained.
We are looking forwards cooperating with foreign research institutions and researchers to exchange red flesh apple germplasm resources and develop red flesh apple varieties through traditional breeding and molecular assisted breeding technology.
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