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Using Genomic Selection Technology to Accelerate the Innovation and Screening of Excellent Stress Resistant Germplasm of Maize
Author:Cao Jianru   Approver:Zhang Meishen   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2022/04/01 16:46:03   Source:International Cooperation Division

Maize is an important cereal crop. Improving maize germplasm and screening varieties with strong resistance to biological and abiotic stress are the urgent needs for maize production. Most of stress resistance characters of maize are complicated controlled by multiple genes. It takes a long time of recurrent selection to improve maize germplasm. GS (genomic selection) uses all markers at the whole genome level to predict phenotype, which can significantly improve the prediction accuracy of low heritability traits and accelerate the genetic breeding progress. Therefore, genomic selection is a very effective means for maize breeding and the creation and screening of disease resistant germplasm.
The Cereals and Oil-Crops Institute of Hebei Academy of agriculture and Forestry Sciences has long been committed to the breeding of grain, forage and special corn varieties, the in-depth excavation and improvement of corn germplasm and the mining of corn resistance genes. In recent years, 14 new maize varieties have been developed. In terms of molecular biology research, it focused on the mapping and functional analysis of genes such as resistance to rough dwarf disease, aphid and ear rot, and has accumulated rich experience.
We cordially invite research institutes and scientists from foreign countries to cooperate in this study. In this project, we intend to carry out research to efficiently establish the training population suitable for maize resistance breeding, as well as the composition and scale of the training population, to select the appropriate statistical model to increase the accuracy of prediction and the application of its related software tools.
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