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Study on crop-soil-microbial interaction mechanism of saline -alkali soil
Author:Cao Jianru   Approver:Zhang Meishen   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2022/04/01 16:45:15   Source:International Cooperation Division

Using plant-soil-microbial interaction mechanism to synergistically improve the productivity and ecological function of saline soil has become a new trend of international research.The rhizosphere is the core area of crop- soil- microbial interaction and the most important hub to control the nutrient availability and use efficiency of nutrients in crop- soil system. In-depth study on the rhizosphere interaction process and regulation mechanism of efficient utilization of crop nutrients, salt tolerance physiological and molecular biological mechanism as well as regulation mode of salt-tolerant plants are of great significance to clarify the rhizosphere ecological environment with high yield and high nutrient efficiency of crops, screen functional strains that adapt to vegetation succession and promote plant tolerance to salt and alkali stress,and break through the key technology of assembly processes of plant rhizosphere microbiome
The Institute of Coastal Agriculture of Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences has been long engaged in the research on soil improvement and vegetation restoration of coastal saline alkali land, and has accumulated rich experience in biological improvement of saline-alkali land, vegetation restoration, and RD of microbial fertilizer.
We are willing to cooperate with foreign research institutions and scientists to study the following:1.The key processes of root interaction, rhizosphere interaction, and mycelial interaction; 2.The mechanisms of rhizosphere interaction on nutrient transformation and efficient utilization; 3. The environmental screening process, species competition niche process and stochastic process of soil microbial community structure shaping under salt tolerance conditions; 4. The mechanisms of reorganization, optimization and domestication of soil functional organisms with different active organic matter in soil biologically active areas (rhizosphere, aggregates).
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