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Saline water utilization for protected cultivation of fruits and vegetables on coastal saline and alkaline soil
Author:曹建如   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Lv Junhai   Time:2022/03/22 15:15:21   Source:International Cooperation Division

Saline and alkaline soil is an important agricultural resources. Soil salinity and fresh water shortage are major limiting factors that affect the development of protected cultivation of fruits and vegetables. However the underground salty water is plentiful. How to use this underground salty water to solve the problem of fresh water shortage is an important question that development of protected agriculture has to be faced with.
The Institute of Coastal Agriculture have conducted research programs regarding brackish water irrigation and salinity control for saline and alkaline soil on tomato, strawberry, cucumber and grapes, and techniques of high quality and efficient production for fruits and vegetables on saline and alkaline soil have been developed.
We are looking for partners from oversea countries to study on salty water utilization for protected fruits and vegetables on saline and alkaline soil. The objectives are to study the interaction among saline and alkaline soil, salty water, fruits and vegetables, to study the coupling model of salt and soil to develop salty water irrigation technique based on crops water requirement and the salinity movement pattern.
Contact information:
Mr. Zhang Guoxin, Project leader.
Mobile. 15175625625,
E-Mail. (please copy to:;

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