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Creation and utilization of salt-tolerance functional plant germplasm
Author:曹建如   Approver:张梅申   Releaser:Lv Junhai   Time:2022/03/22 15:12:26   Source:International Cooperation Division

Saline alkali land is a kind of soil resource that can produce high-quality crop products. Salt-tolerance functional plants, especially the plant species for dual use of food and medicine, are important resources for developing ecological and high value-added agriculture. But the shortage of functional plant species and the relevant utilization techniques are important limiting factors.
The Institute of Coastal Agriculture has a strong research program in the creation of functional plant germplasm, high-quality cultivation and value added utilization. At present, research projects of salt-tolerant dandelion breeding, high-quality cultivation are undergoing, and dandelion red tea, anti-inflammatory feed additive and dandelion new variety “BinPu 2”have been developed.
We are looking for partner from foreign countries, to cooperate in the creation of functional plant germplasm and to develop the relevant utilization techniques so as to improve the use of saline-alkaline resources. Mine objectives includes the breeding of salt-tolerance functional plant species, functional products quality control including formulation, and composition of raw materials and extractive of functional ingredients
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Wang Xiuping, project leader
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