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Genomic Selection Breeding on Rice
Author:曹建如   Approver:张梅申   Releaser:Lv Junhai   Time:2022/03/22 15:10:51   Source:International Cooperation Division

The yield, quality and stress resistance characters of rice are all complicated quantitative traits, and the selection of these quantitative traits is based on the phenotype of its progeny. Thus the selective process is slow, which usually takes 8-10 years. The genomic selection(GS) breeding offers an opportunity for directional selection of complicated quantitative traits at early stage. To combine the genomic selection breeding technique with anther culture, it will greatly shorten the generation interval thus speed up the breeding process and increase breeding efficiency.
The Institute of Coastal Agriculture, Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, has a strong expertise in rice, with over 30 years of research in rice anther culture and haploid breeding. In recent years, studies on rice salt tolerance gene mining, data processing of rice genome sequencing, genetic mapping, QTL mapping, GWAS analysis have been conducted, and rich experience both in theory and practice has been accumulated.
We are looking for collaborator from oversea countries to develop cooperative research on genomic selection breeding of rice. The objective is to combine the genomic selection technique with the haploid breeding technique of rice, to optimize the scale and composition of training population, molecular marker and types, prediction model selection and evaluation of the genomic selection breeding, to speed up rice breeding process and increase breeding efficiency.
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