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Investigation on cotton demonstration base
Author:Zhou Yuchao Cheng Lu   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2021/08/12 10:48:25   Source:International Cooperation Division

During August 5-6, researcher Li Miao, Wang Shijie and Zhao Hongxia from Institute of Cereal and Oil Crops, cotton breeding research group, conducted research and technical guidance to Hengshui city and Cangzhou city’s demonstration bases and visited the manual weaving workshop of Hengshui Rural Cotton Quilt and Clothing Co., LTD... Researchers had exchange and discussion with local cotton breeders on cotton new varieties breeding and selection, cultivation techniques and the development of new variety ‘Jifeng 649’ and the broad market prospects.

It is the critical period of cotton growth and development, flowering and bolling period. According to the cultivation and management mode of each demonstration base, combined with the characteristics of new varieties of high quality cotton ‘Jifeng 4’, ‘Jifeng 1458’ and ‘Jifeng 1271’, experts explained thin planting and light simplification, rows of close planting, intercropping cotton with watermelon and key points of cultivation technology of mechanical cotton picking. Meanwhile, suggestions on pest control of mirid bugs, white fly and verticillium wilt were given by the experts.

‘Jifeng 649’ is a new variety of colored cotton with natural brown cotton fibre, released by Institute of Cereal and Oil Crops. Its color is long-lasting and its textile does not need to be printed, dyed, bleached, boiled and other chemical treatments. The advantages are comfortable, antistatic, good air permeability and affinity to the skin.        

The investigation and exchange laid a foundation for accelerating the transformation and promotion of new natural colored cotton varieties, increasing the added value of cotton industry, exploring new ways for the development of cotton industry, and promoting the green, high-quality and healthy development of cotton industry in Hebei Province.

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