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President ZHANG Tielong supervised agricultural machinery research corporation
Author:Zhou Yuchao   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2021/07/19 11:08:57   Source:International Cooperation Division

On July 13, President ZHANG Tielong led a delegation to supervise agricultural mechanization research corporation of HAAFS in a processing base in Zhao County. Chairman FAN Guochang first introduced over 40 agricultural machinery equipment developed through scientific and technological innovation project. The product covers intelligent agricultural equipment, coarse grain machinery, Chinese medicine machinery, potato machinery, fertilizer machinery, comprehensive utilization of straw and resource utilization of agricultural waste. President ZHANG asked about the research, production and application, and gave suggestions to put forward the research of work.

In the processing shop of the base, Manager YANG Zhijie respectively introduced the functional features and usage of digital controlled lathe, automatic welding equipment, CNC machining center and laser cutting machine. The delegation watched the laser cutting machine processing demonstration. In the fertilizer production base, the delegation watched on the spot of organic fertilizer producing by intelligent agricultural waste fermentation equipment.

President ZHANG Tielong emphasized that researchers should carry forward the spirit of seeking truth and being practical, intensify scientific and technological innovation, develop more advanced and practical modern agricultural machinery equipment. Improving the quality efficiency and competitiveness of agricultural machinery products, is to do practical work for the province’s rural revitalization and high quality agricultural development.

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