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Watermelon cultivation technology promotion in Hengshui
Author:Zhou Yuchao   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Lv Junhai   Time:2021/05/24 17:44:09   Source:International Cooperation Division

The technology cooperative project “Greenhouse watermelon and muskmelon green and effective production technology” has been undertaken by HAAFS and Hengshui people’s government. On May 16th , Vice president ZHANG Jianjun and leaders of county government and local leading enterprises paid an investigation to the project site in Hengshui, Fucheng.

Several experts from Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Hebei Province, Hebei Agricultural University and Hengshui station of popularizing agricultural technique, have organized a field detection group to check the project’s achievement. Experts agree that the popularizing rate of new variety and technique has reached 90%, greenhouse watermelon planted in transformed shed by all steel frame with 5 layers of film covering have come into the market on April 20th , compared with the traditional bamboo construction of the shed, the watermelon planted by 4 layers of film covering have gone into the market on May 15th, that is to say launching 20-25 days early. The head stubble yield of watermelon cultivated by application integration technology is 5335.4kg per mu, the center refractive sugar content is 13.5%, edge sugar content is 10.2%. While the yield compared with the traditional technique can reached 4824.8kg per mu, the center refractive sugar content is 12.3%, edge sugar content is 9.1%. Revenue per mu increase 5000 RMB, 8-10 workers can be spared per mu.


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