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Vice President Sun Shigang Investigates the Strawberry Demonstration Base in Zhangguzhuang Village of Xinji City
Author:Li Xiaozhi   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Lv Junhai   Time:2020/12/28 14:15:40   Source:International Cooperation Division

On December 17, 2020, HAAFS Vice President Sun Shigang visited the demonstration base of Shijiazhuang Fruit Tree Institute on protected-field strawberry production in Zhangguzhuang Village, Xinji City, Shijiazhuang.

Established in the year 2009 and managed by Yuexin Fruit and Vegetable Planting Cooperative of Xinji City, the demonstration base has over 1500 mu of solar greenhouse and mainly engages in strawberry production and marketing. Now the demonstration base has registered its own trademark ‘Xintian’ and achieved several gold awards in the national strawberry competitions. Besides, the demonstration base has got the Green Food Certificate for Strawberry issued by China Green Food Development Center in December of 2020.

Sun Shigang and his companions learned about the base’s development course, strawberry production, profits and cooperation with the Institute of Shijiazhuang Fruit Tree, particularly observed the demonstration fields of Hongxing, Jixiang and 698-9, the new varieties developed by the institute. Sun expressed his hopes that the demonstration base and the institute would strengthen cooperation, increase the coverage of virus-free strawberry seedlings and accelerate the demonstration and extension of new varieties.

Director Wang Guoyin of the Achievement Transfer Division, Director Pang Zhaojin of the Institute of Shijiazhuang Fruit Tree and the strawberry breeder Yang Lei accompanied on the trip.

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