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Professor Kiyoshi Banno from Shinshu University Gives Presentation at HAAFS
Author:Li Xiaozhi   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2020/12/01 16:43:04   Source:International Cooperation Division

November 25, Professor Kiyoshi Banno from Agronomy Department of Shinshu University came to HAAFS on the invitation of President Zhang Tielong and gave a presentation entitled " Forty Years with Fruit Trees-- To Enjoy the Research". The report meeting was presided over by Sun Fengguo, director of International Cooperation Division. Vice President Sun Shigang with more than 60 young researchers and staff members of HAAFS participated in the meeting.

Professor Banno is mainly engaged in the research of fruit tree cultivation and molecular breeding, and he is an expert of great attainments in the area of molecular biology. He has made great achievements in the field of red-fleshed apple breeding in recent years. In the presentation, Professor Banno introduced the development process of agricultural research in Japan, his research design, achievements, and experience with fruit tree research over decades of years. He also made a deep prospect of the future of the cooperative research project with HAAFS. Having been engaged in the research of fruit trees for 40 years, Professor Banno has shown his perseverance, dedication and endless learning as a scientist with his practical actions, which deeply influenced the attendees particularly young researchers.

After the report, researchers asked questions. The atmosphere was warm and active. Professor Banno's report broadened the horizon of young researchers of HAAFS and aroused their enthusiasm for fruit tree breeding, especially molecular breeding.

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