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The Field Observation Meeting on Fertilizer and Pesticide Reduction Project of Summer Sowing Peanut in Haihe River Basin and Hebei Seminar on Peanut Cultivation Held in Shijiazhuang
Author:Li Xiaozhi   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2020/10/20 14:39:05   Source:International Cooperation Division

On October 11 of 2020, the field observation meeting on fertilizer and pesticide reduction project of summer sowing peanut in Haihe river basin and Hebei seminar on peanut cultivation was held in Shijiazhuang, capital of Hebei Province. Over 40 people attended the meeting, including Vice President Zhang Jianjun of HAAFS, Deputy Director-general Duan Lingling of Hebei Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Vice Director Dong Haiyue of the Planting Industry Division of Hebei Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Prof. Wang Yuanchao of Nanjing Agricultural University and chief expert of the fertilizer and pesticide reduction project of soybean and peanut, Prof. Tang Fengshou of the Cash Crop Research Institute of Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the host of Northern China summer peanut fertilizer and pesticide reduction project, Director Li Yan and Vice Director Wang Guiqi of the Cereal and Oil Crops Institute of HAAFS , the task hosts of Northern China summer peanut fertilizer and pesticide reduction project and the researchers of Haihe river basin summer peanut fertilizer and pesticide reduction project.
      The participants visited the 200 mu field demonstrating the fertilizer and pesticide reduction technology of summer sowing peanut at Jihua Park in Shijiazhuang. Director Li Yan briefed the general situation of the demonstration base, and Prof. Song Yahui introduced the key technical points of post-wheat ridge planting with drip fertigation, disease and pest control and foliar fertilizer and microbicide spray. By experts’ on-site testing, the demonstration field saved 40% water, 25.3% fertilizer and 33% pesticides, and the yield of Jihua 19 was 391.51 gram, 5.04% higher than control. The experts fully affirmed the demonstrating technologies and gave the conclusion that the effect of the planting mode of post-wheat ridge planting with drip fertigation was remarkable by increasing yield 5% on the basis of reducing pesticide and fertilizer use by 25%.
      The Hebei Seminar of Peanut Cultivation, chaired by Li Yan, was held following the field observation meeting. Deputy Director-general Duan Lingling fully recognized the achievements on high oleic acid peanut breeding and cultivation technology achieved by Prof. Li Yurong and her research team. She hoped the research team could continue and strengthen the researches on water-saving, fertilizer and pesticide reduction and rain-fed cultivation technologies. Vice President Zhang Jianjun pointed out, the successful breeding and extension of high oleic acid peanut varieties Jihua series had set up a sound foundation for the high oleic acid peanut development in Hebei Province, he hoped the experts at the meeting could give guiding opinions according to the peanut cultivation condition of Hebei. Prof. Wang Yuanchao and Prof. Song Yahui gave their respective presentation on the research progress of soybean root rot disease control technology and on the peanut cultivation status and future development orientation in Hebei. The participants had in-depth discussions and exchanges.

Key words:Peanut; Seminar; Shijiazhuang