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Water-saving wheat variety ‘Jimai 325’ has made a high yield
Author:Zhou Yuchao   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2020/06/17 16:59:00   Source:International Cooperation Division

On 11 June, relavant experts invited by HAAFS has gathered in Ningjin experimental base to check and monitor yield of the new wheat variety ‘Jimai 325’ with water-saving, high yield and stress resistance. Meanwhile, achievement transformation project ‘industrialization and application of new type water-saving equipment and the set of techniques which suitable for field crops and modern farming’ has been examined by experts in the base.
      Professor Jia Xiuling introduced the general information about Ningjin experimental base and the project progress, professor Li Hui introduced the traits of new variety ‘Jimai 325’. Yield monitoring has been conducted in two plots, with large translational drenching irrigation and buried sprinkling irrigation respectively. Under the bad weather condition, by IPM and biological control, crops in experimental base are growing well. The wheat is growing uniformly, with full seed, no lodging and less pest and disease. Harvesting by combine-harvester, weighing and calculating, the experts got the final result of the yield of two plots. The drenching irrigation plot of wheat has the yield of 672.7kg per mu and the sprinkling irrigation plot of wheat has 671.7kg per mu.
      Vice president Sun Shigang of HAAFS gave full affirmation to ‘Jimai 325’ and demonstration techniques, he suggested that it should be extended to circumjacent to scale up the scientific achievement, make application to agricultural production and improve farmers’ income.

Key words:Wheat new variety, high yield