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Vice President Sun Shigang Attends the Cooperation Agreements Signing Ceremony of Coastal Agriculture Institute with Enterprises
Author:Li Xiaozhi   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2020/06/16 16:15:33   Source:International Cooperation Division

On June 11 of 2020, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement on jointly establishing the achievement transformation and demonstration base between the Institute of Coastal Agriculture and Nandagang Industrial Park of Cangzhou City and the signing ceremony of the agreement on jointly building the demonstration base of coastal saline-alkali soil efficient utilization among the Institute of Coastal Agriculture, Hengtaiyuan Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co. Ltd. of Hebei and Zhongbao Agriculture Company of Cangzhou were held at the Institute of Coastal Agriculture. HAAFS Vice President Sun Shigang was present at the event.
      Sun Shigang stressed at the signing ceremony that the signing of the agreements will provide a good platform for the full play of the technical advantages of our Coastal Agricultural Research Institute on saline-alkali land efficient utilization research and technology development, what’s more, the establishment of the joint demonstration bases will create models for the integrated efficient utilization of coastal land and water resources, provide technical supports for improving coastal agriculture ecological environment, building Nandagang Industrial Park into a high quality and safety agricultural production base with coastal characteristics and constructing beautiful and pleasant rural surroundings for both agriculture and tourism.
      Director Deng Xiangshun of Farm Reclamation Bureau of Hebei Department of Agricultural and Rural Affairs, leaders of HAAFS Achievement Transformation Division, Institute of Coastal Agriculture, Cangzhou Bureau of Agricultural and Rural Affairs, the Administrative Committee of Nandagang Industrial Park and the cooperative enterprises attended the signing ceremony. Relevant experts participated in the event as well.

Key words:Achievement transformation and demonstration; Demonstration base establishment; Cooperation; Institute of Coastal Agriculture