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Evaluation Meeting on the Technical Models of Reducing Pesticides and Chemical Fertilizers and Increasing Inputs Efficiency in Protected Vegetable Cultivation is held
Author:Li Xiaozhi   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2020/05/22 15:35:13   Source:International Cooperation Division

May 15-17 of 2020, the evaluation meeting of the national key R&D project the technical model establishment and demonstration of reducing pesticides and chemical fertilizer inputs in protected vegetable cultivation around Bohai warm temperature zone was held in Shijiazhuang, the capital city of Hebei Province. Vice President Sun Shigang attended the meeting and gave speech. He introduced the key research orientations of HAAFS and affirmed the project’s organization and achievements. More than 30 people participated in the meeting, including leaders from the Research Management Division of HAAFS, the project host unit Institute of Plant Protection and the project participant units Institute of Agricultural Resources and Environment and Institute of Vegetable and Medicinal Herbs, as well as sub-project leaders and main participants of the project.
      The meeting was organized by Shijiazhuang Agriculture Technology Extension Center. The experts panel was formed by 7 scientists with Prof. Yu Xianchang of Vegetables and Flowers Institute of CAAS as group leader. They listened to the self-evaluation report about 22 technical models by project host Prof. Wang Wenqiao, investigated Ducun Green Vegetable Production Park in Gaocheng District of Shijiazhuang City and another 2 demonstration bases of greenhouse tomato and cucumber cultivation under the technical models of pesticides and chemical fertilizers reduction, watched the video about the application results of the technical models for pesticides and chemical fertilizers reduction on solar greenhouse early spring cucumber production in Shouguang and Qingzhou of Shandong Province, checked relevant materials and made inquiry and discussion.
      The participating experts all agreed, the project has completed the task target stipulated in the contract and the 22 integrated and optimized technical models are effective and full of innovation with bright application prospect. They hope the technical models will be further improved to extend in more regions and with larger scales.

Key words:Greenhouse vegetable; Technical model of reducing inputs and increasing efficiency; Evaluation meeting