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President Zhang Tielong Meets With Experts From the Netherlands
Author:Li Xiaozhi   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2019/11/13 17:13:55   Source:International Cooperation Division

To promote the construction of the newly approved international cooperative research center for crop green production, HAAFS invited a group of experts in the related areas from the Netherlands, who are Dr. Bai Zhanguo of World Soil Information, Dr. Ir. E. (EP) Heuvelink of Horticulture and Product Physiology of Wageningen University & Research and Dr. Weng Liping of Soil Chemistry of Wageningen University & Research, for a 7-day work visit and academic exchange from Nov. 2 to 8. HAAFS President Zhang Tielong and Vice President Sun Shigang met with the delegation at the headquarter of HAAFS in Shijiazhuang.
Zhang Tielong pointed out, this visit will obviously promote the pragmatic cooperation of HAAFS with the World Soil Information and Wageningen University & Research. At present, the agricultural production in Hebei province is facing the problems of high labor cost and severe non-point pollution, and high quality green development is the inevitable choice for the agriculture development in Hebei. The implementation of the international cooperative research center for crop green production will play an important role in strengthening the cooperation on science and technology with the Netherlands, promoting the bilateral personnel exchange, joint seminars and research, and accelerating the disciplinary upgrading in HAAFS. He hopes the two sides will work out the framework of cooperation as soon as possible and sign the cooperative agreement.
During the visit, the foreign experts gave presentations in green sustainable agricultural development. The Institute of Agricultural Information and Economics, on behalf of the project team, signed cooperative agreement with the Netherlands side. The delegation members also visited the research and demonstration bases in Chongli county of Zhangjiakou city, in Zhengding district, Dahe district and Gaocheng district of Shijiazhuang city.

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