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HAAFS’s Novel Cultivar And Technology Are Exhibited On The 23rd China (Langfang) Agricultural Produce Trade Expo
Author:Li Xiaozhi   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2019/11/11 17:24:03   Source:International Cooperation Division

The 23rd China (Langfang) Agricultural Produce Trade Expo was held from Oct. 31 to Nov. 3 in Langfang international exhibition center. President Zhang Tielong, Vice President Sun Shigang, Vice President Zhang Qiang and relevant leaders of departments and institutes of HAAFS visited the Expo with their delegations.
      After the opening ceremony, Vice Governor Shi Qingshuang of Hebei Province visited our booth area and listened to the brief by Zhang Tielong. Shi Qingshuang hopes HAAFS will continue to do a good job in agriculture science, technology and innovation and agricultural supply side structural reform, as well as promoting the implementation of rural revitalization strategy, making greater contributions to the construction of a beautiful and economically strong Hebei.
      The expo intensively displayed HAAFS’s crop breeding level on cereal and oil crops, cotton, fruits and vegetables, and highlighted the scientific and technological advantages that support the high-quality development of agriculture in Hebei. We made more than 80 exhibition boards with illustrations, displaying about 100 new achievements including new cultivar and technology for cereal and oil crops, coarse grain crops, vegetables and special plants, dryland farming techniques, biological control techniques, circular agriculture techniques and agricultural engineering technologies, exhibited more than 300 physical products, distributed more than 8000 technical materials, received more than 1200 visitors of leaders of different levels, persons from technical sectors, enterprises and cooperatives, as well as farmers. The visitors hope to join hands with HAAFS to promote the development of local agricultural economy basing on the support of experts and technical advantages of HAAFS.
      This trade expo has good impacts on the transformation and extension of our new crop varieties and technologies, the upgrading of HAAFS’s social influence and the promotion of Hebei’s high quality modern agricultural development.

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