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Plaque unveiling ceremony is held for Research Achievement Demonstration Base of National Research Center of Rapeseed Engineering and Technology
Author:Li Xiaozhi   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2019/10/15 09:23:33   Source:International Cooperation Division

On Oct. 9, 2019, the plaque unveiling ceremony of the Research Achievement Demonstration Base of National Research Center of Rapeseed Engineering and Technology was held in the Institute of Dryland Farming. Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Director of the National Research Center of Rapeseed Engineering and Technology of Huazhong Agricultural University Prof. Fu Tingdong, Vice President of HAAFS Sun Shigang, leaders from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Hebei and relevant experts attended the event.
      Vice President Sun Shigang expressed his sincere thanks to Academician Fu Tingdong for his long-term concern and support to the institute’s development. Sun also said, Hengshui city, where the institute sits in, is located in the Heilonggang river basin in Hebei province, in this region, winter is dry and summer is wet, full of sunshine, with distinct four seasons and annual precipitation about 500 mm, drought and water shortage are its main characteristics. In years of agriculture practice this area has maintained comparatively satisfied agricultural output by overtaking underground water, but large underground funnel area has been formed and ecological problem appeared. With the implementation of green development strategy with protecting the ecology at the priority, it is urgent to look for alternative crops and new patterns of planting. Rape, as a kind of overwintering oil, feed and fertilizer crop, may contribute greatly to the agriculture of Hebei if we can breed new varieties suitable to the local climate and develop the integrated cultivation technologies and high efficient planting patterns. He hopes the Institute of Dryland Farming will take the opportunity of this plaque unveiling ceremony to make practical planning and arrangements to speed up the introduction and commercialization of research achievements.
      Academician Fu Tingdong said, rape has multiple uses and functions, it can be used as cover crop to inhibit dusts and keep clean air; in the beginning of flowering stage it can be used as vegetables and in blossom stage as tourism attractions that will increase farmers’ income; it can also be used as green manure and oil crop. The central and southern plain of Hebei at present is adjusting the structure of agriculture to cope with the underground water overdraft. Rainfed rape will provide new highlight for the adjustment of agricultural structure in Hebei and enrich Hebei’s crop pattern under rainfed conditions and contribute to saving water and increasing farmers’ income.
      The institute director Lu Guanli expressed in his speaking, the institute will take the opportunity of this event, strengthening the introduction and selection of rape varieties and enhancing cooperation with Fu’s team in platform building, project planning, demonstration and extension, and talent fostering. The Research Achievement Demonstration Base of National Research Center of Rapeseed Engineering and Technology, as a base for pilot test and demonstration of new varieties and new products, will certainly promote the development of local rape industry.

Key words:Institute of Dryland Farming; Plaque unveiling ceremony