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President Zhang Tielong attends the kick-off meeting of the innovation team of Hebei soybean industry technical system
Author:Li Xiaozhi   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2019/10/08 16:27:46   Source:International Cooperation Division

On September 25, the kick-off meeting of the innovation team of Hebei soybean industry technical system was held in Shijiazhuang. Prof. Zhang Tielong, President of HAAFS, Chief Agronomist Zheng Hongwei of Hebei Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Deputy Director Ji Yanjun of the Educational, Scientific and Cultural Office of Hebei Department of Finance, Director Fu Qiang of Science and Technology Office and Deputy Director Dong Haiyue of the Planting Office of Hebei Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Deputy Director Chen Baohua of HAAFS president office, Dr. Hou Shenglin of HAAFS science and technology division, Director Zhou Jinbao of General Station of Hebei Agricultural Technology Promotion, Prof. Chang Ruzhen, former director of Soybean Expert Advisory Group of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and consultant of the National Soybean Industrial System, Prof. Zhang Mengchen and Prof. Zhang Lei, consultants of the National Soybean Industrial System, Prof. Wu Cunxiang and Prof. Yang Chunyan, post experts of the National Soybean Industry Technical System, and members of the soybean innovation team, about 80 persons attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by director Li Yan of the Cereal and Oil Crops Institute, the relying organization of the National Soybean Industry Technical System.
      President Zhang Tielong made an important speech. He thanked the leadership of the provincial departments and the experts on the meeting for their support to the innovation team and congratulated to Prof. Yan Long for being selected as chief expert and other 13 persons as post experts. Zhang pointed out, the academy will, under the guidance of the administrative departments of all levels, continue to strengthen innovation and services, providing strong technical support for Hebei’s green and high quality agriculture development. Deputy Director Ji Yanjun noted that the provincial finance will play an active role in supporting the innovation team construction, meanwhile, the innovation team should give full play of the funds, strengthen budget control, standardize financial income and expenditure behavior and improve internal control mechanism. Chief Agronomist Zheng Hongwei requested in his concluding remarks that the innovation team should make overall plan to cope with the bottlenecks of soybean industrial development chain and contribute to the agricultural supply side reform and the safety of agricultural products in Hebei.
      Prof. Yan Long, Chief Expert of the innovation team, briefed to the participants on the outline of the soybean industry in Hebei Province, the team’s working concepts, general targets, building scheme, mission, internal management and evaluation mechanism. Then, the Post Experts made their respective position statements, the participants gave comments to the planning of the system construction tasks and the concrete implementation plan of the key tasks and research reports of the industry. The consultant experts and post experts of the national soybean industry system introduced their experiences in the national system construction and gave suggestions according to the implementation plan of each post expert. The meeting also invited Dr. Wu Cunxiang to give a special report on the occurrence, spread and prevention of soybean staygreen syndrome.
      The soybean innovation team consists of a chief expert, 7 posts and 8 post experts, 5 experimental extension stations and 2 enterprise experimental stations. The team integrated varies of experts in Hebei in the soybean related areas such as breeding and cultivation, plant protection and fertilization, agricultural machinery, post-harvest service and processing, seed industry and extension, and some national well-known experts are also involved.

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