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Experts from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Japanese Zhaotai Electrical Industrial Co. Ltd visits Dryland Farming Institute
Author:Li Xiaozhi   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2019/09/29 17:25:54   Source:International Cooperation Division

On September 11, Prof. Song Jiqing of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Mr. Saito Shin of Minister of Basic Chemistry, Showa Electrical Industrial Corporation of Japan, and other three researchers visited the Dryland Farming Institute and its experimental station for water-saving agriculture, accompanied by the Institute Director Lu Guanli and some staff of relevant research laboratories.
Director Lu Guanli Briefed the guests the overall situation of the institute, the scientific and technological personnel introduced the research progress of biological water-saving, the screening and application of plant growth regulators and the application effect of compound oligosaccharides in cotton. The preparation can obviously increase the number of bolls per plant of cotton, and has a certain application prospect in production.
The delegation highly appraised the research facilities and research progress of the experimental station, and indicated that they will strengthen and deepen the cooperation with Dryland Farming Institute on the application of plant growth regulators.

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