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Vice President Sun Shigang attends the 3rd Workshop on Agriculture New Formats of Hebei
Author:Li Xiaozhi   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2019/09/29 11:45:08   Source:International Cooperation Division

September 20 to 21, 2019, the Institute of Agricultural Information and Economics hosted in Yixian County the 3rd Workshop on Agriculture New Formats of Hebei. Vice President Sun Shigang attended the workshop and delivered a summery speech. Experts and scholars from research institutions, universities and administrative departments of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and representatives of different agriculture formats altogether more than 70 persons participated in the meeting. Vice President Zhao Banghong of Hebei Agricultural University attended the meeting and gave a keynote speech.
      The workshop is divided into three parts that are academic presentations, round table discussions and on-the-spot observations of new agriculture formats. Prof. Hao Jinmin of China Agricultural University, Prof. Li Jin, head of Tianjin Leisure Agriculture Association, and experts from Hebei Academy of Social Sciences, Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, Hebei Provincial Department of Agricultural and Rural Affairs, Hebei Agricultural University gave 6 plenary presentations. 9 scholars and persons in charge of agricultural production parks and management personnel made statements at the round table meeting. All the workshop participants visited in Yixian County the Baiquan Ecological Park, the Nine Phoenix Mount Culture Center and the Taihang Water town as new business entity.
      Consensus are reached at the workshop that after entering the new era some new agricultural formats appear with industrial innovation and integration. These new formats grow well and have high added value and strong leading effects with the obvious characteristics of three industries integration. However, there are still some problems such as unclear industrial categories, imperfect industrial chains, insufficient capital investments, and without updated mechanisms. The large-scale agricultural operation entities represented by the modern agricultural parks, rural complexes, household farms and modern agricultural enterprises have become the model of leading the sound development of new agricultural format. There are five key aspects to the development of new agricultural formats that are industry, integration, technology, brand and mechanism. The new forms of agricultural enterprises should extend their industrial chain of main business, broaden the aspects from all directions, and create high added value and high economic growth points. The agricultural research institutions should carry out innovative research coping with the development of new agricultural formats, promote the application of research achievements into the new agricultural operations through different organizational forms, and equip the new business entities and green production with high technology to create high-quality brand and to increase income and efficiency. It is also proposed that the leisure agriculture should be upgraded as soon as possible in order to lead the rural economic development and to increase the farmers’ income.
      Vice President Sun Shigang summarized that developing new agricultural formats should pay attention to industry, ecology, green development and common prosperity. The industries should have distinct features and should stress the extension and broadening of the industry chain; Only by protecting the ecology can we realize sustainable development; Only with the support of technology can we produce green products and build good brands; Only helping the farmers to become rich can the new format have vitality. He also put forward specific requirements on the development of leisure agriculture, urban agriculture and other forms of business.
      This workshop further clarified the definition of new forms of agricultural formats, analyzed the existing problems, set the direction and came up with the development strategies. It is an exploratory meeting for theoretical research and practice of new agricultural formats, which is conducive to helping new business operators solve the practical problems they face and promoting the healthy development of new agricultural formats in Hebei province. Hebei Farmer News and other media followed up the activities.

Key words:Hebei, New agricultural formats, Workshop