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Institute of Changli Fruit Tree held the Jingdong Chestnut Quality and High-yield Standardization Technology Observation and Training Conference
Author:Chen Yan   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2019/08/27 10:02:26   Source:International Cooperation Division

On August 15, the "Observation and training on high-quality and high-yield standardized technology of Jingdong Chestnut" was organized at the chestnut demonstration base of Nandao Village, Dazhangzi Township, Xinglong County by the Institute of Changli Fruit Tree.
      Professor Wang Guangpeng, a chestnut expert, accompanied the participants to have observed the field effects of chestnut alternate renovation and pruning techniques and answered the questions raised by the participants on the key technical points of chestnut management.
      This activity attracted many chestnut growers’ interests for participating. The meeting was originally planned for 150 people only from Xinglong County and finally it turned out to be more than 450 participants not only from Xinglong County but also radiated to the nearby Kuancheng County, Qinglong County, Zunhua City, Chengde County, Yingshouyingzi District and Xingtai County.
      At the demonstration base, the chestnut farmers were impressed by the amazing effect of the chestnut management and kept asking questions about the knowhow. The participants said that this meeting broadened their vision and let them found the technological gaps. They also expressed their determination to learn the new technology.
      Through this training, the Institute of Changli Fruit Tree has further popularized its new chestnut technology and increased the coverage rate of self-developed technologies, at the same time, improved the technical level of chestnut management among grassroots farmers in a certain degree, and provided practical technique support for the production of high-quality chestnut in the core production area of Jingdong chestnut.

Key words:Institute of Changli Fruit Tree, Chestnut, Observation and training