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Training on safety production technology of pear and peach is jointly held by Institute of Agricultural Resources and Environment and Institute of Dryland Farming
Author:Li Xiaozhi   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2019/08/01 11:30:37   Source:International Cooperation Division

On July 24, based on the National Key R&D Program "Integrated Research and Demonstration of Pesticide Reduction and Fertilizer Reduction Technology for Pear and Peach (2018YFD0201400)", Institute of Agricultural Resources and Environment and Institute of Dryland Farming jointly held a "Pear and Peach Chemical Fertilizer Reduction and Pesticide Reduction Technology Training, that is, Fruits High Quality and Safety Production Technology Training " in Shenzhou City. Director Liu Mengchao of Agricultural Resources and Environment Institute, Director Lu Guanli of Dryland Farming Institute and relevant responsible persons of Agricultural and Rural Affairs Bureau of Hengshui City and Shenzhou City attended the meeting. Besides, over 200 pear and peach growers participated in the training.
      The meeting invited experts in fruit breeding, soil and fertilizer and plant protection from Institute of Shijiazhuang Fruit Tree, Institute of Agricultural Resources and Environment, Institute of Plant Protection and Shandong Institute of Pomology as professional trainers. The experts in the meeting conducted all-round training on the development orientation of pear and peach industry in China, the evolution of varieties and cultivation modes, and the safety production technologies as reducing fertilizer and pesticides and increasing efficiency. After the meeting, a Wechat group has been established to facilitate the direct communication between experts and farmers. This training meeting played an active role in promoting cooperation of the research institutions and municipal governments and accelerating the sound development of local agricultural industries.

Key words:Pear and peach production, Training