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Institute of Cash Crops conducts joint investigation to its science and technology service bases
Author:Chen Yan   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2019/07/29 17:23:26   Source:International Cooperation Division

To boost the construction of the demonstration bases for science and technology service, the Institute of Cash Crops has conducted joint investigations on the demonstration bases in the areas of Zhangjiakou and Chengde from July 16 to 19 of 2019.
      Deputy Director Wang Mingqiu and Secretary Yan Libo led some of the research directors, deputy directors, scientific and technical personnel and management personnel forming the investigation team to conduct the joint investigation on the production status in the demonstration bases, the application of research achievements and the customers’ needs. In response to the situation of each base, the inspectors put forward constructive suggestions on the development of each base from the aspects of variety, cultivation technology and brand building. The five inspected bases include the China Science and Technology Association Poverty Alleviation Base at Xuanhua District of Zhangjiakou City, the National Open Field Vegetable Cultivation Demonstration Base in Zhangbei County for Reducing Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides, the Vegetable Test Base of Provincial Technical System in Bashang Plateau, the Chinese Medicinal Plants Demonstration Base of Provincial Technical System in Guyuan County and HAAFS’s Poverty Alleviation Demonstration Base with Science and Technology in Fengning County.
      Director Wang Guoyin and Deputy Director Zheng Xiaoliu of the State-owned Assets Management Department of HAAFS participated in the joint investigation on invitation. Director Wang Guoyin fully affirmed the Science and Technology Service Demonstration Base of the Cash Crop Institute, and put forward corresponding requirements for the future construction of the base, the application of independent research results and the promotion of poverty alleviation through science and technology.
      The joint investigation is one of the institute’s management measures for research projects and has played a positive role in promoting the sound implementation of projects.

Key words:Institute of Cash Crops, Joint investigation, Science and Technology Service Demonstration Base